Plant Pot 191 Large - Earth Gray

$36.00 USD

Kinto's porcelain plant pot series make for a perfect home for your favourite small plant. Elegantly perch a succulent on a shelf, add some leafy greens to a desk space or keep your favourite herbs on hand in the kitchen. Each pot has a drainage hole and removable saucer so you never have to worry about root rot. 

  • [pot] φ135 x H105 mm [saucer] φ135 x H15 mm
  • [pot] φ5.4 x H4.2 in [saucer] φ5.4 x H0.6 in
  • Material: Porcelain

Kinto, a Japanese based brand, designs products that are both beautiful and useful. Their attitude is that life is to be savoured - and their products are made to aid in that. Their wish is that with slow coffee pour over methods and al fresco dinnerware that you might spend time with close family and friends and invite creativity and thoughtfulness into your life.

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