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Kinto, a Japanese based brand, designs products that are both beautiful and useful. Their attitude is that life is to be savoured - and their products are made to aid in that. Their wish is that with slow coffee pour over methods and al fresco dinnerware that you might spend time with close family and friends and invite creativity and thoughtfulness into your life. 

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Product type
Travel Tumbler 350ml - BlackTravel Tumbler 350ml - Black
Travel Tumbler 350ml - WhiteTravel Tumbler 350ml - White
Travel Tumbler 500ml - BlackTravel Tumbler 500ml - Black
Travel Tumbler 500ml - WhiteTravel Tumbler 500ml - White
Travel Tumbler 350ml - KhakiTravel Tumbler 350ml - Khaki
Travel Tumbler 500ml - KhakiTravel Tumbler 500ml - Khaki
Stacking Mug - TerracottaStacking Mug - Terracotta
Stacking Mug - Terracotta Sale price$18.95
Water Bottle 500ml - AmberWater Bottle 500ml - Amber
Water Bottle 500ml - Amber Sale price$21.95
Day Off Tumbler 500ml - WhiteDay Off Tumbler 500ml - White
Stacking Mug - GrayStacking Mug - Gray
Stacking Mug - Gray Sale price$18.95
Stacking Mug - WhiteStacking Mug - White
Stacking Mug - White Sale price$18.95
Bottlit Carafe
Bottlit Carafe Sale price$36.95
Day Off Tumbler 500ml - MustardDay Off Tumbler 500ml - Mustard
Water Bottle 500ml - SmokeWater Bottle 500ml - Smoke
Water Bottle 500ml - Smoke Sale price$21.95
Amber Sepia Cup 340mlAmber Sepia Cup 340ml
Amber Sepia Cup 340ml Sale price$28.95
Travel Tumbler 500ml - CoyoteTravel Tumbler 500ml - Coyote
Water Bottle 500ml - ClearWater Bottle 500ml - Clear
Water Bottle 500ml - Clear Sale price$21.95
Amber Sepia Cup & SaucerAmber Sepia Cup & Saucer
Amber Sepia Cup & Saucer Sale price$41.95
CLK-151 Large Mug - WhiteCLK-151 Large Mug - White
CLK-151 Large Mug - White Sale price$31.95
Travel Tumbler 350ml - CoyoteTravel Tumbler 350ml - Coyote
Amber Sepia Cup 270mlAmber Sepia Cup 270ml
Amber Sepia Cup 270ml Sale price$28.95
Bottlit Dressing BottleBottlit Dressing Bottle
Bottlit Dressing Bottle Sale price$23.95
CLK-151 Large Mug - BlackCLK-151 Large Mug - Black
CLK-151 Large Mug - Black Sale price$31.95
Day Off Tumbler 500ml - Dark GrayDay Off Tumbler 500ml - Dark Gray
Capsule Cold Brew Carafe - WhiteCapsule Cold Brew Carafe - White
Active Tumbler 800 ML - WhiteActive Tumbler 800 ML - White
Plant Pot 191 Medium - Dark GrayPlant Pot 191 Medium - Dark Gray
Plant Pot 191 Medium - Earth GrayPlant Pot 191 Medium - Earth Gray
Amber Sepia Tumbler LargeAmber Sepia Tumbler Large
Amber Sepia Tumbler Large Sale price$25.95
Rice Cooker - BlackRice Cooker - Black
Rice Cooker - Black Sale price$104.95
Plant Pot 191 Small - Earth GrayPlant Pot 191 Small - Earth Gray
Workout Bottle 480ml - SmokeWorkout Bottle 480ml - Smoke
Active Tumbler 600 ML - WhiteActive Tumbler 600 ML - White
Day Off Tumbler 500ml - RoseDay Off Tumbler 500ml - Rose
Active Tumbler 800 ML - BlackActive Tumbler 800 ML - Black
Plant Pot 191 Large - Earth GrayPlant Pot 191 Large - Earth Gray
Workout Bottle 480ml - ClearWorkout Bottle 480ml - Clear
Day Off Tumbler 500ml - GreenDay Off Tumbler 500ml - Green
Workout Bottle 480ml - NavyWorkout Bottle 480ml - Navy
Workout Bottle 480ml - Navy Sale price$35.95
Active Tumbler 800 ML - SandActive Tumbler 800 ML - Sand
Play Tumbler 300ml - WhitePlay Tumbler 300ml - White
Play Tumbler 300ml - White Sale price$49.95
Rice Cooker - WhiteRice Cooker - White
Rice Cooker - White Sale price$104.95
Amber Sepia Tumbler SmallAmber Sepia Tumbler Small
Amber Sepia Tumbler Small Sale price$23.95
Nori Tumbler - WhiteNori Tumbler - White
Nori Tumbler - White Sale price$18.95
CLK-151 Large Plate - WhiteCLK-151 Large Plate - White
CLK-151 Large Plate - White Sale price$61.95
Amber Sepia Jug - 600mlAmber Sepia Jug - 600ml
Amber Sepia Jug - 600ml Sale price$41.95
Bonbo Straw Cup - Blue GrayBonbo Straw Cup - Blue Gray
Bonbo Straw Cup - Blue Gray Sale price$23.95
Nori Large Bowl - WhiteNori Large Bowl - White
Nori Large Bowl - White Sale price$35.95