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Designed by Kinto

Cast Amber Collection

The Cast Amber Collection, with its deep amber hue and streamlined design, evokes a nostalgic atmosphere. Thoughtfully designed with smart proportions, ergonomic handles and elegant rims that extend slightly outward. The warm and calm colour soothes and adds that special touch to an interior while providing a sense of the familiar.  

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Cast Amber Jug 1.2LCast Amber Jug 1.2L
Cast Amber Jug 1.2L Sale price$64.95
Cast Amber Jug 750mlCast Amber Jug 750ml
Cast Amber Jug 750ml Sale price$61.95
Cast Amber Double Wall Glass 340mlCast Amber Double Wall Glass 340ml
Cast Amber Double Wall Glass 290mlCast Amber Double Wall Glass 290ml
Cast Amber Double Wall Glass 250ml
Cast Amber Mug 430mlCast Amber Mug 430ml
Cast Amber Mug 430ml Sale price$23.95
Cast Amber Mug 310mlCast Amber Mug 310ml
Cast Amber Mug 310ml Sale price$23.00
Cast Amber Mug 220mlCast Amber Mug 220ml
Cast Amber Mug 220ml Sale price$18.95
Cast Amber Glass 430mlCast Amber Glass 430ml
Cast Amber Glass 430ml Sale price$18.95
Cast Amber Glass 350ml
Cast Amber Glass 350ml Sale price$16.95
Cast Amber Glass 250mlCast Amber Glass 250ml
Cast Amber Glass 250ml Sale price$15.95