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This range of beautifully crafted tableware combines functionality with elegance. Inspired by traditional Japanese design, the collection features a minimalist aesthetic that is both modern and timeless. From plates and bowls to mugs, the Rim collection has everything you need to elevate your dining experience. The smooth, clean lines and understated design of the Rim collection make it suitable for any occasion, whether it's a casual family meal or a formal dinner party. Add a touch of sophistication and refinement to your table setting.  

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Rim Plate 240mm - BlackRim Plate 240mm - Black
Rim Plate 240mm - Black Sale price$34.95
Rim Plate 115mm - BlackRim Plate 115mm - Black
Rim Plate 115mm - Black Sale price$8.95
Rim Bowl 220mm - BlackRim Bowl 220mm - Black
Rim Bowl 220mm - Black Sale price$40.95
Rim Plate 205mm - BlackRim Plate 205mm - Black
Rim Plate 205mm - Black Sale price$23.95
Rim Bowl 140mm - Earth GrayRim Bowl 140mm - Earth Gray
Rim Bowl 140mm - Earth Gray Sale price$12.95
Rim Bowl 140mm - BlackRim Bowl 140mm - Black
Rim Bowl 140mm - Black Sale price$12.95
Rim Bowl 110mm - BlackRim Bowl 110mm - Black
Rim Bowl 110mm - Black Sale price$8.95
Rim Plate 240mm - Earth GrayRim Plate 240mm - Earth Gray
Rim Bowl 220mm - Earth GrayRim Bowl 220mm - Earth Gray
Rim Bowl 220mm - Earth Gray Sale price$40.95
Rim Bowl 180mm - BlackRim Bowl 180mm - Black
Rim Bowl 180mm - Black Sale price$23.95
Rim Bowl 180mm - Earth GrayRim Bowl 180mm - Earth Gray
Rim Bowl 180mm - Earth Gray Sale price$23.95
Rim Bowl 110mm - Earth GrayRim Bowl 110mm - Earth Gray
Rim Plate 205mm - Earth GrayRim Plate 205mm - Earth Gray
Rim Plate 160mm - BlackRim Plate 160mm - Black
Rim Plate 160mm - Black Sale price$12.95
Rim Plate 160mm - Earth GrayRim Plate 160mm - Earth Gray
Rim Plate 115mm - Earth GrayRim Plate 115mm - Earth Gray
Rim Tea Cup 180ml - Earth GrayRim Tea Cup 180ml - Earth Gray
Rim Tea Cup 180ml - BlackRim Tea Cup 180ml - Black
Rim Tea Cup 180ml - Black Sale price$10.95