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Our Japanese Woven Sock Collection

Introducing our exquisite Summer Sock Collection, where the art of Japanese craftsmanship intertwines with the finest materials for a truly luxurious experience. Step into unparalleled comfort and style with socks meticulously woven in Nara, Japan, by a renowned company established in 1950.

Indulge your feet in the softness of Giza cotton, meticulously knit to perfection, or embrace the crisp texture of linen blended with cotton silk thread: with each step, you'll feel the attention to detail and dedication to quality. From premium walking socks crafted for comfort and durability to the lightweight elegance of hand-linked toes, these socks offer a blend of sophistication, functionality, and breathability. Embrace the summer with socks that elevate your every stride, making each journey a delightful experience.

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Wool Jacquard Socks - Berlin BlueWool Jacquard Socks - Berlin Blue
Wool Jacquard Socks - GrayWool Jacquard Socks - Gray
Wool Jacquard Socks - Gray Sale price$32.95
Wool Jacquard Socks - OatmealWool Jacquard Socks - Oatmeal
Mohair Wool Border Sock - Tower WhiteMohair Wool Border Sock - Tower White
Boston Wool Boot Sock - MochaBoston Wool Boot Sock - Mocha
Boston Wool Boot Sock - MustardBoston Wool Boot Sock - Mustard
Boston Wool Boot Sock - IvoryBoston Wool Boot Sock - Ivory
Wool Ribbed Socks - Apple SodaWool Ribbed Socks - Apple Soda
Silk Cotton Lounge Socks - Mocha BrownSilk Cotton Lounge Socks - Mocha Brown
Silk Cotton Lounge Socks - IvorySilk Cotton Lounge Socks - Ivory
Save $30.96 Cashmere Ribbed Socks - Classic RedCashmere Ribbed Socks - Classic Red
Cashmere Ribbed Socks - Classic Red Sale price$59.99 Regular price$90.95
Save $9.96 Egyptian Cotton Ribbed Socks - Apricot OrangeEgyptian Cotton Ribbed Socks - Apricot Orange
Egyptian Cotton Ribbed Socks - Apricot Orange Sale price$19.99 Regular price$29.95
Linen Cotton Anklet - Tram YellowLinen Cotton Anklet - Tram Yellow
Linen Cotton Anklet - Yellow
Save $10.96 Silk Cotton Ribbed Socks - BeigeSilk Cotton Ribbed Socks - Beige
Silk Cotton Ribbed Socks - Beige Sale price$21.99 Regular price$32.95
Save $10.96 Silk Cotton Ribbed Socks - Sky BlueSilk Cotton Ribbed Socks - Sky Blue
Silk Cotton Ribbed Socks - Sky Blue Sale price$21.99 Regular price$32.95
Save $10.96 Silk Cotton Ribbed Socks - BrownSilk Cotton Ribbed Socks - Brown
Silk Cotton Ribbed Socks - Brown Sale price$21.99 Regular price$32.95
Linen Ribbed Socks - YellowLinen Ribbed Socks - Yellow
Linen Ribbed Socks - Yellow Sale price$26.95
Egyptian Cotton Plain Socks - Pistachio SofaEgyptian Cotton Plain Socks - Pistachio Sofa
Egyptian Cotton Plain Socks - RedEgyptian Cotton Plain Socks - Red
Egyptian Cotton Plain Socks - Light GrayEgyptian Cotton Plain Socks - Light Gray
Sold outLinen Ribbed Socks - Sauna StoneLinen Ribbed Socks - Sauna Stone
Linen Ribbed Socks - BlueLinen Ribbed Socks - Blue
Linen Ribbed Socks - Blue Sale price$26.95
Linen Ribbed Socks - BeigeLinen Ribbed Socks - Beige
Linen Ribbed Socks - Beige Sale price$26.95