Grab & Go

Light the way with a Portable Lamp

Emitting light for up to 12 hours on a single charge our portable lamp collection is perfect for casting a little light where you need it. Take it off with you to a backyard soirée, nestle it in your favourite reading nook or wake up to it by the bedside: you'll find yourself reaching for these versatile lamps for a number of daily tasks. 


Verner Panton

Verner Panton started out as a painter before studying architecture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. After an apprenticeship with architect/designer Arne Jacobsen, Panton pursued a path in furniture and interior design. It was during this part of his career that he became famous for his avant-garde work, such as a series of chairs with no legs and a sofa curated to be placed vertically against a wall. In the 60’s and 70’s, his passion for designing entire environments led to immersive interiors featuring his hypnotic patterns and futuristic designs for furniture, lighting, wallpapers, posters and rugs. Panton’s pioneering use of materials, colours and shapes earned him a reputation as a visionary.

The portable VP9 Flowerpot Lamp is an updated version of its larger tabletop cousin the VP3. With no cord to hinder it you can pick this perennial up and plant it wherever the sun doesn't shine.

An Illuminating Sculptural Form

The Meridian Lamp

The Meridian Lamp presents a portable, dimmable lighting solution that works in a multitude of settings. Made in collaboration with the design studio Regular Company, the intriguing, sculptural form of the Meridian Lamp is based on three simple geometric elements. Combined, the lamp presents a clean, modern expression. The lamp offers easy, hassle-free charging, and provides up to 12 hours of light at a time. 

Designed by Jamie Hayon

The Setago Lamp

‘Seta’ the Spanish word for mushroom sets the tone for the diminutive, mushroom-like proportions of this quirky table lamp. But a further clue to its identity is signified by the suffix ‘go’ because this portable lamp unburdened by an electrical cord can literally move anywhere. Additional design features include a discreet gold dimmer and a stylish upward curve on the lamp shade’s brim.