Handcrafted in Japan

Asano Paper Moon Lamps

Japanese manufacturer Asano delicately handcrafts each lamp in the Gifu prefecture using high grade Washi paper and a spiral rib of bamboo. The process involves wrapping the bamboo around wooden forms and then glueing and applying each panel separately until the entire surface has been papered: a laborious and highly skilled endeavour.  

Designer: Shigeru Uchida

(1943 - 2016)

Widely admired and renowned, the Japanese Designer Shigeru Uchida cast his design sensibilities across numerous disciplines. All aspects of daily life fell under his design jurisdiction - from architectural interior work to furniture and industrial design and even urban planning. His work sought to unify people through a more harmonious environment. 

His major works include a series of boutiques for Yohji Yamamoto, the Kobe Fashion Museum, the Tea Rooms ‘Ji-An, So-An, Gyo-An’, the Hotel Il Palazzo, Oriental Hotel Hiroshima and the Sapporo Grand Hotel. His works can be found in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum and the Conran Foundation among many others. 

“I'm always wondering if we can free space from something like a sense of material gravity. As a clue to such things, I intentionally use light, transparency and colour as design elements, which frees us from a kind of weight and presence.”

- Shigeru Uchida