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Ferm Living

Life is full of contrasts. Based on a passion for authentic design and clear functionality, Copenhagen based Ferm living challenges themselves to shape the future - taking pride in creating products that help to balance the contrasts of life. Their unique collections of furniture, accessories and lighting help to create a space that feels comfortably you.

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Buur Lounge Chair - Nordic Bouclé Off-whiteBuur Lounge Chair - Nordic Bouclé Off-white
Unda Sideboard - Dark Stained OakUnda Sideboard - Dark Stained Oak
Haze Vitrine - Reeded Glass CashmereHaze Vitrine - Reeded Glass Cashmere
Haze Vitrine  - Reeded Glass BlackHaze Vitrine  - Reeded Glass Black
Kona Bed - NaturalKona Bed - Natural
Kona Bed - Natural Sale price$2,394.95
Kona Bed - Dark StainedKona Bed - Dark Stained
Kona Bed - Dark Stained Sale price$2,394.95
Feve Coffee Table - WalnutFeve Coffee Table - Walnut
Feve Coffee Table - Walnut Sale price$2,289.95
Distinct Side Table - TravertineDistinct Side Table - Travertine
Insert Coffee Table - Natural AshInsert Coffee Table - Natural Ash
Arum Floor Lamp - BlackArum Floor Lamp - Black
Arum Floor Lamp - Black Sale price$1,248.95
Arum Floor Lamp - CashmereArum Floor Lamp - Cashmere
Arum Floor Lamp - Cashmere Sale price$1,248.95
Lager TrolleyLager Trolley
Lager Trolley Sale price$1,159.95
Insert Side Table - Natural AshInsert Side Table - Natural Ash
Insert Side Table - Natural Ash Sale price$1,154.95
Era Chandelier - EggshellEra Chandelier - Eggshell
Era Chandelier - Eggshell Sale price$1,084.95
Ancora Floor Lamp - Black / NaturalAncora Floor Lamp - Black / Natural
Oyster Wall Lamp - BlackOyster Wall Lamp - Black
Oyster Wall Lamp - Black Sale price$964.95
Rotben Sculptural Piece - BlackRotben Sculptural Piece - Black
Arum Swivel Wall Lamp Tall - CashmereArum Swivel Wall Lamp Tall - Cashmere
Arum Swivel Wall Lamp Tall - BlackArum Swivel Wall Lamp Tall - Black
Ancora Wall Lamp 100 - Black / NaturalAncora Wall Lamp 100 - Black / Natural
Arum Table Lamp - BlackArum Table Lamp - Black
Arum Table Lamp - Black Sale price$758.95
Arum Table Lamp - CashmereArum Table Lamp - Cashmere
Arum Table Lamp - Cashmere Sale price$758.95
Pond Mirror XL - Dark ChromePond Mirror XL - Dark Chrome
Pond Mirror XL - Dark Chrome Sale price$698.95
Pond Mirror XL - BrassPond Mirror XL - Brass
Pond Mirror XL - Brass Sale price$698.95
Sector Shelf Triple Wide - Black Ash/Black BrassSector Shelf Triple Wide - Black Ash/Black Brass
Sector Shelf Triple Wide - Oak/BrassSector Shelf Triple Wide - Oak/Brass
Hebe Lamp Base Large - Dark GreyHebe Lamp Base Large - Dark Grey
Hebe Lamp Base Large - Off WhiteHebe Lamp Base Large - Off White
Bridge Clothes Rack and StandBridge Clothes Rack and Stand
Pond Mirror Large - Dark ChromePond Mirror Large - Dark Chrome
Pond Mirror Large - BrassPond Mirror Large - Brass
Pond Mirror Large - Brass Sale price$628.95
Haze Wall Cabinet - Reeded Glass CashmereHaze Wall Cabinet - Reeded Glass Cashmere
Cupe Wall Rack - BlackCupe Wall Rack - Black
Cupe Wall Rack - Black Sale price$598.95
Haze Wall Cabinet - Reeded Glass BlackHaze Wall Cabinet - Reeded Glass Black
Oyster Table Lamp - BlackOyster Table Lamp - Black
Oyster Table Lamp - Black Sale price$598.95
Desert Lounge Chair - Cashmere/BlockDesert Lounge Chair - Cashmere/Block
Save $314.96 Vault Side Table - BlackVault Side Table - Black
Vault Side Table - Black Sale price$584.99 Regular price$899.95
Kona Display Table - Natural
Kona Display Table - Natural Sale price$554.95
Arum Swivel Wall Lamp - BlackArum Swivel Wall Lamp - Black
Arum Swivel Wall Lamp - CashmereArum Swivel Wall Lamp - Cashmere
Kona Low Table - Dark StainedKona Low Table - Dark Stained
Ark Dining Chair - AshArk Dining Chair - Ash
Ark Dining Chair - Ash Sale price$486.95
Cairn CentrepieceCairn Centrepiece
Cairn Centrepiece Sale price$482.95
Sector Shelf Triple Narrow - Black Ash/Black BrassSector Shelf Triple Narrow - Black Ash/Black Brass
Sector Rack Shelf- Oak/Black BrassSector Rack Shelf- Oak/Black Brass
Sector Shelf Triple Narrow - Oak/BrassSector Shelf Triple Narrow - Oak/Brass
Sector Rack Shelf - Oak/BrassSector Rack Shelf - Oak/Brass
Filo Table Lamp - Black/BlackFilo Table Lamp - Black/Black