Stylish and Decadent

The Ripple Series

With a sharp rippled surface, geometric design and refined style, the Ripple Series fluctuates between form and function. The collection contains seven different types of glasses, each with its own unique shape and identity, but together they form a family.  

Mouth-Blown Glass

With the aid of a blowpipe, every single glass is mouth-blown into a mould, while the blower puffs air through a long thin pipe to expand the glass into the desired size and shape. From this point, the glasses undergo a process to ensure they retain the envisioned shape. Finished pieces are placed to cool down at a safe temperature. Glass that is not properly cooled can be dangerous as it may shatter due to thermal stress. After this, a laser cuts the rim, and a wet coarse-grit grinding disc grinds down the sharp edges. Every ripple is carefully cleaned three times before the final quality check.

As every single Ripple glass is mouth-blown, each piece is unique and none are 100% identical, as the glassblower influences the final result through the amount of glass and air pressure he or she uses during the blowing.