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Japanese Craft Collection

Japanese Craft Collection

Our Japanese Craft Collection contains items made by skilled craftspeople throughout Japan: Many of the skills needed to produce these pieces have been passed down through multiple generations. The products are timeless in design and well fit for the rigors of everyday life.

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NyChair X Rocking - WhiteNyChair X Rocking - White
NyChair X Rocking - White Sale price$974.95
NyChair X Rocking - TerracottaNyChair X Rocking - Terracotta
NyChair X Rocking - CamelNyChair X Rocking - Camel
NyChair X Rocking - Camel Sale price$974.95
Sold outNychair X Ottoman  - CamelNychair X Ottoman  - Camel
Nychair X Ottoman - Camel Sale price$486.95
Nychair X Ottoman  - WhiteNychair X Ottoman  - White
Nychair X Ottoman - White Sale price$486.95
Nychair X Ottoman - TerracottaNychair X Ottoman - Terracotta
Sori Yanagi Cast Iron Deep PanSori Yanagi Cast Iron Deep Pan
Iga Mono Kamado San Rice Cooker CT-01Iga Mono Kamado San Rice Cooker CT-01
Sori Yanagi Cast Iron Grill PanSori Yanagi Cast Iron Grill Pan
Large Cast Iron Pan - Nobuho MiyaLarge Cast Iron Pan - Nobuho Miya
Cast Iron Skillet - Nobuho MiyaCast Iron Skillet - Nobuho Miya
Homeland Donabe - Hi-iroHomeland Donabe - Hi-iro
Homeland Donabe - Hi-iro Sale price$259.95
Homeland Donabe - Ame-iroHomeland Donabe - Ame-iro
Homeland Donabe - Ame-iro Sale price$259.95
Homeland Rice Donabe - Ame-iroHomeland Rice Donabe - Ame-iro
Homeland Rice Donabe - Hi-iroHomeland Rice Donabe - Hi-iro
Kaico Pasta PotKaico Pasta Pot
Kaico Pasta Pot Sale price$253.95
Sori Yanagi Deep PanSori Yanagi Deep Pan
Sori Yanagi Deep Pan Sale price$239.95
Stainless Steel Kettle - Sori YanagiStainless Steel Kettle - Sori Yanagi
Kitchen Knife Large - Sori YanagiKitchen Knife Large - Sori Yanagi
Yukihira Stainless Steel Pot Large 20cmYukihira Stainless Steel Pot Large 20cm
Hagama Rice CookerHagama Rice Cooker
Hagama Rice Cooker Sale price$229.95
Kitchen Knife Medium - Sori YanagiKitchen Knife Medium - Sori Yanagi
Paper Moon Lamp 05 - The SpherePaper Moon Lamp 05 - The Sphere
Paper Moon Lamp 04 - The SaucerPaper Moon Lamp 04 - The Saucer
Yukihira Stainless Steel Pot Small 18cmYukihira Stainless Steel Pot Small 18cm
Kaico KettleKaico Kettle
Kaico Kettle Sale price$209.95
Porcelain Incense Burner Black - ElemensePorcelain Incense Burner Black - Elemense
Sori Yanagi Shallow PanSori Yanagi Shallow Pan
Sori Yanagi Shallow Pan Sale price$204.95
Garden Scissors Okubo - SilverGarden Scissors Okubo - Silver
Bread Knife - Sori YanagiBread Knife - Sori Yanagi
Bread Knife - Sori Yanagi Sale price$194.95
Kitchen Knife Small - Sori YanagiKitchen Knife Small - Sori Yanagi
Sori Yanagi ColanderSori Yanagi Colander
Sori Yanagi Colander Sale price$189.95
Paper Moon Lamp 01 - The EggPaper Moon Lamp 01 - The Egg
Paper Moon Lamp 01 - The Egg Sale price$179.95
Paper Moon Lamp 03 - The ConePaper Moon Lamp 03 - The Cone
Kaico Pot with HandleKaico Pot with Handle
Kaico Pot with Handle Sale price$169.95
Kaico Enamel PotKaico Enamel Pot
Kaico Enamel Pot Sale price$169.95
Kaico Coffee PotKaico Coffee Pot
Kaico Coffee Pot Sale price$164.95
Medium Cast Iron Pan - Nobuho MiyaMedium Cast Iron Pan - Nobuho Miya
Garden Scissors Sentei - BlackGarden Scissors Sentei - Black
Chanoma Teapot Large - TerracottaChanoma Teapot Large - Terracotta
Medium Hinoki Cutting BoardMedium Hinoki Cutting Board
Medium Hinoki Cutting Board Sale price$145.95
Lattice Linen Bath Towel - CharcoalLattice Linen Bath Towel - Charcoal
Lattice Linen Bath Towel - IvoryLattice Linen Bath Towel - Ivory
Chanoma Teapot Medium - IvoryChanoma Teapot Medium - Ivory
Chanoma Teapot Medium - TerracottaChanoma Teapot Medium - Terracotta
Sold outChanoma Teapot Medium - BlackChanoma Teapot Medium - Black
Mosquito Repellant Incense Coil HolderMosquito Repellant Incense Coil Holder
Garden Scissors Okubo - Rose GoldGarden Scissors Okubo - Rose Gold