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Japanese Craft Collection

Japanese Craft Collection

Our Japanese Craft Collection contains items made by skilled craftspeople throughout Japan: Many of the skills needed to produce these pieces have been passed down through multiple generations. The products are timeless in design and well fit for the rigors of everyday life.

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Chanoma Teapot Small - BlackChanoma Teapot Small - Black
Chanoma Teapot Small - Black Sale price$124.95
Chanoma Teapot Small - TerracottaChanoma Teapot Small - Terracotta
Chanoma Teapot Small - IvoryChanoma Teapot Small - Ivory
Chanoma Teapot Small - Ivory Sale price$124.95
Umezawa Bath BucketUmezawa Bath Bucket
Umezawa Bath Bucket Sale price$119.95
Graph Bath Towel - Earl GreyGraph Bath Towel - Earl Grey
Graph Bath Towel - Earl Grey Sale price$114.95
Sasawashi Bath Mat - LargeSasawashi Bath Mat - Large
Sasawashi Bath Mat - Large Sale price$109.95
Kaico Milk PanKaico Milk Pan
Kaico Milk Pan Sale price$105.95
Small Cast Iron Pan - Nobuho MiyaSmall Cast Iron Pan - Nobuho Miya
Inner Pile Bath Towel - IvoryInner Pile Bath Towel - Ivory
Large Enamel Butter Case - Noda HoroLarge Enamel Butter Case - Noda Horo
Ishikoro Pebble Stone Bath Mat - BlackIshikoro Pebble Stone Bath Mat - Black
Ishikoro Pebble Stone Bath Mat - GreyIshikoro Pebble Stone Bath Mat - Grey
Flax Line Organic Compact Bath Towel - BeigeFlax Line Organic Compact Bath Towel - Beige
Flax Line Organic Compact Bath Towel - Navy/IvoryFlax Line Organic Compact Bath Towel - Navy/Ivory
Kamacco Donabe Rice Cooker BlackKamacco Donabe Rice Cooker Black
Kamacco Donabe Rice Cooker WhiteKamacco Donabe Rice Cooker White
Ceramic Juicer - WhiteCeramic Juicer - White
Ceramic Juicer - White Sale price$89.95
Ikebana Floral ScissorsIkebana Floral Scissors
Ikebana Floral Scissors Sale price$89.95
Lattice Linen Compact Bath Towel - CharcoalLattice Linen Compact Bath Towel - Charcoal
Lattice Linen Compact Bath Towel - IvoryLattice Linen Compact Bath Towel - Ivory
Small Enamel Butter Case - Noda HoroSmall Enamel Butter Case - Noda Horo
Sasawashi Bath Mat - MediumSasawashi Bath Mat - Medium
Sasawashi Bath Mat - Medium Sale price$84.95
Kaico Large CanisterKaico Large Canister
Kaico Large Canister Sale price$79.95
Kaico Medium CanisterKaico Medium Canister
Kaico Medium Canister Sale price$73.95
Peeler by YoshitaPeeler by Yoshita
Peeler by Yoshita Sale price$72.95
Mujun Suribachi Pestle & Mortar Large - WhiteMujun Suribachi Pestle & Mortar Large - White
Mujun Suribachi Pestle & Mortar Large - BlackMujun Suribachi Pestle & Mortar Large - Black
Kaico Small CanisterKaico Small Canister
Kaico Small Canister Sale price$69.95
HA KO Paper Incense - Incense Mat and Dish SetHA KO Paper Incense - Incense Mat and Dish Set
Japanese Hinoki Bathmat MediumJapanese Hinoki Bathmat Medium
On saleSasawashi Room Shoes - GreySasawashi Room Shoes - Grey
Sasawashi Room Shoes - Grey Sale priceFrom $63.99 Regular price$96.95
On saleSasawashi Room Shoes - CamelSasawashi Room Shoes - Camel
Sasawashi Room Shoes - Camel Sale priceFrom $63.99 Regular price$96.95
Butter Beater - Sori YanagiButter Beater - Sori Yanagi
Butter Beater - Sori Yanagi Sale price$63.95
Skimmer - Sori YanagiSkimmer - Sori Yanagi
Skimmer - Sori Yanagi Sale price$63.95
Kitchen Turner - Sori YanagiKitchen Turner - Sori Yanagi
Ladle - Sori YanagiLadle - Sori Yanagi
Ladle - Sori Yanagi Sale price$63.95
Moku Light Bath Towel - Mustard
Moku Light Bath Towel - Almond
Yukihira Stainless Steel Pot LidYukihira Stainless Steel Pot Lid
Copper Grater - Original
Copper Grater - Original Sale price$59.95
Copper Grater - Turtle
Copper Grater - Turtle Sale price$59.95
Shibu Uchiwa Paper FanShibu Uchiwa Paper Fan
Shibu Uchiwa Paper Fan Sale price$59.95
Binchotan Charcoal Cleansing Mask
Mujun Suribachi Pestle & Mortar Medium - BlackMujun Suribachi Pestle & Mortar Medium - Black
Mujun Suribachi Pestle & Mortar Medium - WhiteMujun Suribachi Pestle & Mortar Medium - White
Higonokami Folding Knife - BlackHigonokami Folding Knife - Black
Higonokami Folding Knife - BrassHigonokami Folding Knife - Brass
Tamanohada Welcome Soap - MuscovadoTamanohada Welcome Soap - Muscovado