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Quality Crafted Carryalls

Southern Field Industries

Southern Field Industries is a distinguished Japanese brand that embodies the essence of timeless craftsmanship and minimalist design. Renowned for its meticulously crafted bags and accessories, the brand seamlessly merges functionality with aesthetics. With a focus on durable materials such as canvas and leather, Southern Field Industries creates products that not only stand the test of time but also exude a sense of understated elegance. Each piece reflects a commitment to quality and attention to detail, making them perfect companions for both everyday adventures and special journeys.

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Boko Tote - KuroBoko Tote - Kuro
Boko Tote - Kuro Sale price$147.00 USD
Boko Tote - TamagoBoko Tote - Tamago
Boko Tote - Tamago Sale price$147.00 USD
Daypack Sport - KarashiDaypack Sport - Karashi
Daypack Sport - Karashi Sale price$263.00 USD
Daypack Sport - SakuraDaypack Sport - Sakura
Daypack Sport - Sakura Sale price$263.00 USD
Daypack Sport - TamagoDaypack Sport - Tamago
Daypack Sport - Tamago Sale price$263.00 USD
Sold outLeather Shoulder Bag - BlackLeather Shoulder Bag - Black
Leather Shoulder Bag - Black Sale price$258.00 USD
Sold outLeather Shoulder Bag - ChocolateLeather Shoulder Bag - Chocolate
Leather Shoulder Bag - Chocolate Sale price$258.00 USD
Satchel - Acorn / ChocolateSatchel - Acorn / Chocolate
Satchel - Acorn / Chocolate Sale price$202.00 USD
Sold outSatchel - BlackSatchel - Black
Satchel - Black Sale price$202.00 USD
Satchel - Persimmon / TanSatchel - Persimmon / Tan
Satchel - Persimmon / Tan Sale price$202.00 USD
SFI. Fold Top Rucksack - Black/BlackSFI. Fold Top Rucksack - Black/Black
SFI. Fold Top Rucksack - Natural/BlackSFI. Fold Top Rucksack - Natural/Black
Shopper - Acorn / ChocolateShopper - Acorn / Chocolate
Shopper - Acorn / Chocolate Sale price$205.00 USD
Shopper - Black / BlackShopper - Black / Black
Shopper - Black / Black Sale price$205.00 USD
Shopper - Persimmon / TanShopper - Persimmon / Tan
Shopper - Persimmon / Tan Sale price$205.00 USD