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BAINA takes a modern approach to traditional towelling. While harnessing simplicity in design, BAINA experiments with texture and colour to create form. BAINA elevates an every-day object with the intention to subtly disrupt the neutrality of the bathroom space.  

BAINA is more than considered towelling. BAINA represents the reconnection to ones bathing routine. A conscious awakening in preparation for the day ahead, or the slow disconnect of the day that has passed.

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Sentinel Bath Towel - ClaySentinel Bath Towel - Clay
Sentinel Bath Towel - Clay Sale price$120.00 USD
Miles Bath Towel - Sage & ChalkMiles Bath Towel - Sage & Chalk
Miles Bath Towel - Sage & Chalk Sale price$120.00 USD
Matheson Bath Towel - MossMatheson Bath Towel - Moss
Matheson Bath Towel - Moss Sale price$120.00 USD
Roman Pool Towel - Paloma Sun & EcruRoman Pool Towel - Paloma Sun & Ecru
Roman Pool Towel - Cedar & SandRoman Pool Towel - Cedar & Sand
Roman Pool Towel - Cedar & Sand Sale price$120.00 USD
Erin Pool Towel - Maroon / ButterErin Pool Towel - Maroon / Butter
Erin Pool Towel - Maroon / Butter Sale price$111.00 USD
Madison Bath Sheet - Caper / ChalkMadison Bath Sheet - Caper / Chalk
Cove Bath Towel - ClayCove Bath Towel - Clay
Cove Bath Towel - Clay Sale price$88.00 USD
Martha Bath Mat - ClayMartha Bath Mat - Clay
Martha Bath Mat - Clay Sale price$88.00 USD
Bethell Bath Towel - Sage & ChalkBethell Bath Towel - Sage & Chalk
Sold outBeppu Bath Mat - Sage & ChalkBeppu Bath Mat - Sage & Chalk
Beppu Bath Mat - Sage & Chalk Sale price$88.00 USD
Beppu Bath Mat - Paloma Sun & EcruBeppu Bath Mat - Paloma Sun & Ecru
St Bathans Bath Towel - MossSt Bathans Bath Towel - Moss
St Bathans Bath Towel - Moss Sale price$88.00 USD
St Claire Bath Towel - IvorySt Claire Bath Towel - Ivory
St Claire Bath Towel - Ivory Sale price$88.00 USD
Eyre Bath Mat - IvoryEyre Bath Mat - Ivory
Eyre Bath Mat - Ivory Sale price$88.00 USD
Franklin Bath Towel - Caper / ChalkFranklin Bath Towel - Caper / Chalk
Echo Bath Mat - Caper / ChalkEcho Bath Mat - Caper / Chalk
Echo Bath Mat - Caper / Chalk Sale price$81.00 USD
Clovelly Hand Towel - ClayClovelly Hand Towel - Clay
Clovelly Hand Towel - Clay Sale price$49.00 USD
Sold outJosephine Hand Towel - Sage & ChalkJosephine Hand Towel - Sage & Chalk
Josephine Hand Towel - Paloma Sun & EcruJosephine Hand Towel - Paloma Sun & Ecru
Emerald Hand Towel - MossEmerald Hand Towel - Moss
Emerald Hand Towel - Moss Sale price$49.00 USD
Virginia Hand Towel - IvoryVirginia Hand Towel - Ivory
Virginia Hand Towel - Ivory Sale price$49.00 USD
San Luis Hand Towel - Caper / ChalkSan Luis Hand Towel - Caper / Chalk
Sold outAgnes Face Cloth - ClayAgnes Face Cloth - Clay
Agnes Face Cloth - Clay Sale price$22.00 USD
Agnes Face Cloth - SageAgnes Face Cloth - Sage
Agnes Face Cloth - Sage Sale price$22.00 USD
Quill Face Cloth - Sage & ChalkQuill Face Cloth - Sage & Chalk
Quill Face Cloth - Sage & Chalk Sale price$22.00 USD
Agnes Face Cloth - IvoryAgnes Face Cloth - Ivory
Agnes Face Cloth - Ivory Sale price$22.00 USD