Elevate Your Daily Bath Routine


BAINA takes a modern approach to traditional towelling. While harnessing simplicity in design, BAINA experiments with texture and colour to create form. BAINA elevates an every-day object with the intention to subtly disrupt the neutrality of the bathroom space.  

BAINA is more than considered towelling. BAINA represents the reconnection to ones bathing routine. A conscious awakening in preparation for the day ahead, or the slow disconnect of the day that has passed.

BAINA towels are designed with intent, to equally favour design and functionality. Finding the balance between a generously soft handle whilst carefully considering the weight in which the towel absorbs effectively and dries quickly after use.

BAINA towels are manufactured in Portugal, a country renowned for its high-quality textiles and home to some of the most skilled and established towelling mills in the world.

All Baina towels are made from 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. Organic cotton is soft, durable, natural and biodegradable. A fibre that becomes stronger when wet, which makes it ideal for towelling. Compared to other common towelling fibres, cotton is preferred due to its superior absorbency, hand-feel and environmental impact.

Unlike conventional cotton which is linked to soil degradation and pollution, organic cotton is produced without chemical fertilisers, pesticides, synthetic dyes and genetic modification. What we use on our skin should always be a consideration - Organic cotton is less likely to irritate those with sensitive skin.