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Our latest collection showcases a wide range of designs, shapes, textures, and colours that are sure to add a touch of artistry to your home decor. Elevate your space with stunning pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful.  

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Milton PotMilton Pot
Milton Pot Sale price$29.95
Proton Footed PotProton Footed Pot
Proton Footed Pot Sale price$129.95
Matis VaseMatis Vase
Matis Vase Sale price$64.95
Pissaro Pot with SaucerPissaro Pot with Saucer
Pissaro Pot with Saucer Sale price$89.95
Checkerboard Vase Large- WhiteCheckerboard Vase Large- White
Checkerboard Pot - White- X-SmallCheckerboard Pot - White- X-Small
Akimbo Footed Pot - BrownAkimbo Footed Pot - Brown
Akimbo Footed Pot - Brown Sale price$54.95
Akimbo Footed Pot - Off-WhiteAkimbo Footed Pot - Off-White
Margot Canister - LargeMargot Canister - Large
Margot Canister - Large Sale price$72.95
Sold outMargot Canister - SmallMargot Canister - Small
Margot Canister - Small Sale price$54.95
Grid Line Pot with Saucer- LargeGrid Line Pot with Saucer- Large
Puppy Love PotPuppy Love Pot
Puppy Love Pot Sale price$32.95
Vanessa VaseVanessa Vase
Vanessa Vase Sale price$124.95
Pollinator VasePollinator Vase
Pollinator Vase Sale price$58.95
Samarra VaseSamarra Vase
Samarra Vase Sale price$18.95
Tupiza Vase - LargeTupiza Vase - Large
Tupiza Vase - Large Sale price$74.95
Tupiza Vase - SmallTupiza Vase - Small
Tupiza Vase - Small Sale price$36.95
Mojave Pot - DesertMojave Pot - Desert
Mojave Pot - Desert Sale price$19.95
Mojave Pot - Mountain ViewMojave Pot - Mountain View
Mojave Pot - Mountain View Sale price$19.95
Otilia VaseOtilia Vase
Otilia Vase Sale price$80.95
Scavenger PotScavenger Pot
Scavenger Pot Sale price$16.95
Checkerboard Pot - WhiteCheckerboard Pot - White
Checkerboard Pot - White Sale price$24.95
Kai PotKai Pot
Kai Pot Sale price$54.95
Avia PlanterAvia Planter
Avia Planter Sale price$32.95
Sold outLump Vase - ClearLump Vase - Clear
Lump Vase - Clear Sale price$333.95
Imogen Pot - X-SmallImogen Pot - X-Small
Imogen Pot - X-Small Sale price$19.95
Checkerboard Vase Large- TerracottaCheckerboard Vase Large- Terracotta
Checkerboard Vase Small - Off WhiteCheckerboard Vase Small - Off White
Sold outMac VaseMac Vase
Mac Vase Sale price$64.95
Kalmar Pot - LargeKalmar Pot - Large
Kalmar Pot - Large Sale price$49.95
Imogen Pot - LargeImogen Pot - Large
Imogen Pot - Large Sale price$49.95
Imogen Pot - SmallImogen Pot - Small
Imogen Pot - Small Sale price$29.95
Cassia VaseCassia Vase
Cassia Vase Sale price$34.95
Conan Vase - LargeConan Vase - Large
Conan Vase - Large Sale price$79.95
Salamanca - LargeSalamanca - Large
Salamanca - Large Sale price$39.95
Salamanca - SmallSalamanca - Small
Salamanca - Small Sale price$24.95
Nexum VaseNexum Vase
Nexum Vase Sale price$39.95
Tova VaseTova Vase
Tova Vase Sale price$34.95
Tuck Pot - CashmereTuck Pot - Cashmere
Tuck Pot - Cashmere Sale price$178.95
Motley Pot LargeMotley Pot Large
Motley Pot Large Sale price$19.95
Save $11.96 Echo VaseEcho Vase
Echo Vase Sale price$24.99 Regular price$36.95
Save $6.96 Esso Vase - WideEsso Vase - Wide
Esso Vase - Wide Sale price$12.99 Regular price$19.95
Save $6.96 Esso Vase - TallEsso Vase - Tall
Esso Vase - Tall Sale price$12.99 Regular price$19.95
Save $4.96 ANIA BUDVASE - SmallANIA BUDVASE - Small
ANIA BUDVASE - Small Sale price$11.99 Regular price$16.95
Save $6.96 ANIA BUDVASE - LargeANIA BUDVASE - Large
ANIA BUDVASE - Large Sale price$12.99 Regular price$19.95
Verso Table Vase - TerracottaVerso Table Vase - Terracotta
Verso Table Vase - CreamVerso Table Vase - Cream
Verso Table Vase - Cream Sale price$178.95
Ary Mini Vase M - CharcoalAry Mini Vase M - Charcoal
Ary Mini Vase M - Charcoal Sale price$24.95



Due to the weight and fragility of our Handcrafted Cylinder Pot Collection they are not available for shipping.

However, they are available for purchase online and to be picked up at one of our Vancouver Store Locations.