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Due to the weight and fragility of our Handcrafted Cylinder Pot Collection they are not available for shipping.

However, they are available for purchase online and to be picked up at one of our Vancouver Store Locations.

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XX-Large Matte White Cylinder PotXX-Large Matte White Cylinder Pot
XX-Large Matte White Cylinder Pot Sale price$128.00 USD
XX-Large Deep Saucer Matte WhiteXX-Large Deep Saucer Matte White
X-Large Matte White Cylinder PotX-Large Matte White Cylinder Pot
X-Large Deep Saucer Matte WhiteX-Large Deep Saucer Matte White
X-Large Deep Saucer Matte White Sale price$34.00 USD
Large Matte White Cylinder PotLarge Matte White Cylinder Pot
Large Matte White Cylinder Pot Sale price$53.00 USD
Large Deep Saucer Matte WhiteLarge Deep Saucer Matte White
Large Deep Saucer Matte White Sale price$27.00 USD
Medium Matte White Cylinder PotMedium Matte White Cylinder Pot
Medium Matte White Cylinder Pot Sale price$31.00 USD
Medium Deep Saucer Matte WhiteMedium Deep Saucer Matte White
Medium Deep Saucer Matte White Sale price$19.00 USD
Small Matte White Cylinder PotSmall Matte White Cylinder Pot
Small Matte White Cylinder Pot Sale price$18.00 USD
Small Deep Saucer Matte WhiteSmall Deep Saucer Matte White
Small Deep Saucer Matte White Sale price$13.00 USD
XX-Large Terracotta Cylinder PotXX-Large Terracotta Cylinder Pot
XX-Large Deep Saucer TerracottaXX-Large Deep Saucer Terracotta
XX-Large Deep Saucer Terracotta Sale price$34.00 USD
X-Large Terracotta Cylinder PotX-Large Terracotta Cylinder Pot
X-Large Terracotta Cylinder Pot Sale price$53.00 USD
X-Large Deep Saucer TerracottaX-Large Deep Saucer Terracotta
X-Large Deep Saucer Terracotta Sale price$27.00 USD
Large Terracotta Cylinder Pot
Large Terracotta Cylinder Pot Sale price$38.00 USD
Large Deep Saucer TerracottaLarge Deep Saucer Terracotta
Large Deep Saucer Terracotta Sale price$21.00 USD
Medium Terracotta Cylinder PotMedium Terracotta Cylinder Pot
Medium Terracotta Cylinder Pot Sale price$27.00 USD
Medium Deep Saucer TerracottaMedium Deep Saucer Terracotta
Medium Deep Saucer Terracotta Sale price$15.00 USD
Small Terracotta Cylinder PotSmall Terracotta Cylinder Pot
Small Terracotta Cylinder Pot Sale price$15.00 USD
Small Deep Terracotta SaucerSmall Deep Terracotta Saucer
Small Deep Terracotta Saucer Sale price$12.00 USD