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Maude is a modern sexual wellness company built on quality, simplicity and inclusivity. They’re on a mission to change this outdated industry and make intimacy better for all people.

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Spot Charcoal - MaudeSpot Charcoal - Maude
Spot Charcoal - Maude Sale price$106.95
Vibe Grey - MaudeVibe Grey - Maude
Vibe Grey - Maude Sale price$65.95
Vibe Green - MaudeVibe Green - Maude
Vibe Green - Maude Sale price$65.95
Drop Grey - MaudeDrop Grey - Maude
Drop Grey - Maude Sale price$65.95
Drop Green - MaudeDrop Green - Maude
Drop Green - Maude Sale price$65.95
Wind Down Kit - MaudeWind Down Kit - Maude
Wind Down Kit - Maude Sale price$184.95
Cone Green - MaudeCone Green - Maude
Cone Green - Maude Sale price$65.95
Cone Charcoal - MaudeCone Charcoal - Maude
Cone Charcoal - Maude Sale price$65.95
Tub Kit No. 2 - MaudeTub Kit No. 2 - Maude
Tub Kit No. 2 - Maude Sale price$64.95
Tub Kit No. 1 - MaudeTub Kit No. 1 - Maude
Tub Kit No. 1 - Maude Sale price$64.95
4oz Oil N°0 Unscented - Maude4oz Oil N°0 Unscented - Maude
12oz Wash N°0 Unscented - Maude12oz Wash N°0 Unscented - Maude
8oz Soak No. 1 Bath Salts - Maude8oz Soak No. 1 Bath Salts - Maude
8oz Hydrating Coconut Milk Bath - Maude8oz Hydrating Coconut Milk Bath - Maude
Burn N°3 Massage Candle - MaudeBurn N°3 Massage Candle - Maude
Burn N°1 Massage Candle - MaudeBurn N°1 Massage Candle - Maude
Save $14.96 Nightcap Kit - MaudeNightcap Kit - Maude
Nightcap Kit - Maude Sale price$29.99 Regular price$44.95
12oz Wash N°2 Scented - Maude
1oz Stay Desensitizing Spray - Maude1oz Stay Desensitizing Spray - Maude
8oz Shine Silicone Lubricant - Maude8oz Shine Silicone Lubricant - Maude
2oz Shine Silicone Lubricant - Maude