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Kitchen Knife Large - Sori Yanagi

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In the bustling symphony of the kitchen, where flavors dance and meals come to life, the Sori Yanagi Chef's Knife emerges as a steadfast companion. Its all-metal construction, unadorned and purposeful, embodies the essence of reliability and ease.

A triple-layered blade reveals the artistry of its design. At its core lies a special stainless steel blend, infused with molybdenum vanadium—a marriage of strength and resilience. This core, carefully encased between layers of stainless steel, grants the knife an exceptional sharpness, unwavering durability, and an armour against the corrosive forces of time.

From slicing through tender meats to gliding through the supple flesh of fish, from the precision of dicing vegetables to the delicate art of fruit preparation, this knife is a master of all. Even the laborious peeling of a winter squash surrenders to its effortless prowess.

In the hands of the devoted cook, the knife's handle becomes an extension of oneself—a comfortable haven in the heat of culinary exploration. Its ideal weight balance, delicately calibrated between blade and handle, ensures fatigue remains a distant visitor. The gracefully curved form of the handle invites a secure grip, steadfast in its commitment to minimizing slippage and embracing the rhythm of creation.

Every part of this knife, resolute and metallic, pays homage to the practicality of its design. Cleaning becomes an effortless chore, for there are no hidden corners for dirt to gather. With each wipe, the knife renews its gleaming countenance, ready to embark on the next culinary adventure.

Sori Yanagi's knives are celebrated for their balance, ergonomic design, and excellent cutting performance. They embody the principles of Japanese craftsmanship, combining functionality with simple, elegant aesthetics. The Yanagi Knife, along with other kitchen tools designed by Sori Yanagi, has gained international recognition and is highly regarded among professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

  • Material: Blade consists of a Molybdenum and Vandium core sandwiched between 13 chrome stainless steel, Handle consists of 18-8 Steel Handle
  • Overal Length: 30.5 cm / 12 in
  • Blade Length: 18 cm / 7.1 in
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Care Instructions: Dishwasher Safe

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Kitchen Knife Large - Sori Yanagi

Kitchen Knife Large - Sori Yanagi


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Kitchen Knife Large - Sori Yanagi
Kitchen Knife Large - Sori Yanagi Sale price$232.95

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