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Garden Scissors Sentei - Black

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Introducing the Pruning Shears by Toyama Hamano, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and functionality, now available at Old Faithful Shop. Winner of the prestigious Good Design Award, these shears are a testament to Japanese precision and quality.

Handmade using traditional forging techniques, these pruning shears feature a razor-sharp blade, perfect for cutting and pruning plants with ease. The unique shape of the shears provides a comfortable grip, ensuring a smooth and efficient pruning experience. The handle is coloured by baking in a heating furnace, eliminating the use of chemicals found in general painting.

With a maximum cutting capacity of up to 15 mm in diameter of raw wood, these shears are ideal for cutting and pruning branches in the garden. Please note that these shears are intended for cutting plants only, and using them in an unreasonable manner may cause damage.

After use, it's recommended to wipe off any dirt, especially on the blade, and store the shears in a tool box or indoors. Protect the blade from rust by wiping it with cutlery oil (or sewing machine oil). For maintenance, if you wish to resharpen the blade yourself, please use a specialized whetstone/sharpener.

Designed for general garden use, the Pruning Shears by Toyama Hamano are perfect for pruning branches, roses, flowers, and houseplants. Each piece is hand-forged and sharpened using traditional methods, resulting in variations and irregularities that add to the unique character of each tool.

Made with high carbon steel tools, these shears can rust if not cared for properly. Ensure to wipe them clean and dry after use, and if you're planning on storing them for an extended period, we recommend oiling them to prevent rust.

  • Measures: L18 x W9.9 x H0.6 cm /  L7.1 x W3.9 x H0.25 in
  • Material: High Carbon Forged Japanese Steel
  • Maximum cutting capacity: Raw wood diameter 15mm /  0.6 in
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Care Instructions:  Wipe clean and dry after use. Occasionally wipe with cutlery oil. 

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Garden Scissors Sentei - Black

Garden Scissors Sentei - Black


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