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A Taste of Italy

Indulgent Candles Inspired by Italian Delicacies

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and delectable flavours of Italy with our exquisite Italian Candle Collection. Meticulously handcrafted to capture the essence of iconic Italian pastries, desserts and charcuterie items, each candle in this collection showcases lifelike details, from the delicate layers to the mouthwatering fillings. Indulge your senses with the visual allure and inviting glow of these realistic candles, bringing a touch of Italian elegance and culinary delight to your home decor. From cannoli to sfogliatella, each candle is a celebration of the artistry and flavours that have made Italian cuisine renowned worldwide.

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Slice of Pink Cake CandleSlice of Pink Cake Candle
Slice of Pink Cake Candle Sale price$32.95
Donut Candle - Pink Glazed with Rainbow SprinklesDonut Candle - Pink Glazed with Rainbow Sprinkles
Porcini Mushroom CandlePorcini Mushroom Candle
Porcini Mushroom Candle Sale price$21.95
Fried Egg CandleFried Egg Candle
Fried Egg Candle Sale price$21.95
Pear CandlePear Candle
Pear Candle Sale price$24.95
Donut Candle - Vanilla Glazed with Yellow SprinklesDonut Candle - Vanilla Glazed with Yellow Sprinkles
Half Melon CandleHalf Melon Candle
Half Melon Candle Sale price$28.95
Baguette CandleBaguette Candle
Baguette Candle Sale price$32.95
Gruyere CandleGruyere Candle
Gruyere Candle Sale price$38.95
Hot Dog CandleHot Dog Candle
Hot Dog Candle Sale price$42.95
Green Apple CandleGreen Apple Candle
Green Apple Candle Sale price$19.95
Donut Candle - Chocolate Glazed with SprinklesDonut Candle - Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles
Chef CandleChef Candle
Chef Candle Sale price$46.95
Lemon CandleLemon Candle
Lemon Candle Sale price$16.95
Sandwich CandleSandwich Candle
Sandwich Candle Sale price$22.95
Zeppola CandleZeppola Candle
Zeppola Candle Sale price$18.95
Donut Candle - Pistachio Glazed with Yellow SprinklesDonut Candle - Pistachio Glazed with Yellow Sprinkles
Bignè Lungo CandleBignè Lungo Candle
Bignè Lungo Candle Sale price$18.95
Salami CandleSalami Candle
Salami Candle Sale price$26.95
Cassata Mini CandleCassata Mini Candle
Cassata Mini Candle Sale price$18.95
Cannoli CandleCannoli Candle
Cannoli Candle Sale price$18.95
Pistachio Cannoli CandlePistachio Cannoli Candle
Pistachio Cannoli Candle Sale price$18.95
Cornetto CandleCornetto Candle
Cornetto Candle Sale price$18.95
Spaghetti Dish CandleSpaghetti Dish Candle
Spaghetti Dish Candle Sale price$60.95
Mini Chocolate Budino CandleMini Chocolate Budino Candle
Mini Vanilla Budino CandleMini Vanilla Budino Candle
Mini Vanilla Budino Candle Sale price$18.95
Pane Treccia CandlePane Treccia Candle
Pane Treccia Candle Sale price$49.95
Giant Mushroom CandleGiant Mushroom Candle
Giant Mushroom Candle Sale price$46.95
Sfogliatella CandleSfogliatella Candle
Sfogliatella Candle Sale price$18.95
Babà Napoletano CandleBabà Napoletano Candle
Babà Napoletano Candle Sale price$18.95
Sold outCheese Wheel Candle - YellowCheese Wheel Candle - Yellow
Mini Profiteroles Tower Candle - CaramelMini Profiteroles Tower Candle - Caramel
Cheese Wheel Candle - BlackCheese Wheel Candle - Black
Cheese Wheel Candle - Black Sale price$44.95
Mini Profiteroles Tower Candle - ChocolateMini Profiteroles Tower Candle - Chocolate