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Kinto, a Japanese based brand, designs products that are both beautiful and useful. Their attitude is that life is to be savoured - and their products are made to aid in that. Their wish is that with slow coffee pour over methods and al fresco dinnerware that you might spend time with close family and friends and invite creativity and thoughtfulness into your life. 

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Product type
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml BeigeCLK-151 Teapot 500ml Beige
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml Beige Sale price$74.00 USD
Hibi Bowl - Blue
Hibi Bowl - Blue Sale price$15.00 USD
Rim Plate 160mm - Earth GrayRim Plate 160mm - Earth Gray
Rim Plate 160mm - Earth Gray Sale price$10.00 USD
CLK-211 Cutlery Holder 75mm BlackCLK-211 Cutlery Holder 75mm Black
Rim Plate 115mm - Earth GrayRim Plate 115mm - Earth Gray
Rim Plate 115mm - Earth Gray Sale price$7.00 USD
Hibi Bowl - Purple
Hibi Bowl - Purple Sale price$15.00 USD
Bonbo Snack Bowl - Blue GrayBonbo Snack Bowl - Blue Gray
Bonbo Snack Bowl - Blue Gray Sale price$17.00 USD
Pour Over Kettle - Matte WhitePour Over Kettle - Matte White
Pour Over Kettle - Matte White Sale price$160.00 USD
240ml To Go Tumbler with Plug - Pink240ml To Go Tumbler with Plug - Pink
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml BlackCLK-151 Teapot 500ml Black
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml Black Sale price$74.00 USD
CLK-211 Cutlery Holder 75mm WhiteCLK-211 Cutlery Holder 75mm White
Bonbo Snack Bowl - OrangeBonbo Snack Bowl - Orange
Bonbo Snack Bowl - Orange Sale price$17.00 USD
Hibi Bowl - Clear
Hibi Bowl - Clear Sale price$15.00 USD
CLK-211 Cutlery Holder 60mm WhiteCLK-211 Cutlery Holder 60mm White
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml WhiteCLK-151 Teapot 500ml White
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml White Sale price$74.00 USD
CLK-211 Cutlery Holder 60mm BlackCLK-211 Cutlery Holder 60mm Black