Kinto Rice Cooker - Black

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Enjoy superb steamed rice with this ceramic rice cooker. This ceramic pot releases far infared radiation to heat the rice inside resulting in a delightful, fluffy texture of rice. The rounded shape of the pot creates convection for even cooking. An inner and outer lid helps to generate the right pressure needed for cooking while also preventing the contents from boiling over. 

Can tolerate temperatures of 500 degrees Celsius. 

Cleaning is easy as the pot’s water absorption rate is extremely low, and moisture that can cause odors and stains do not seep in. You can cook dishes with spices like paella one day and make white rice the next day.

  • Size: 40.6oz / 1.2L
  • Dimensions: φ6.3 in x H5 in x W7.7 in / φ160 x H110 x W195 mm
  • Material: heat-resistant ceramic
  • User Recommendations: direct fire, microwave, and oven safe, dishwasher safe

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