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This beautifully crafted ceramic tableware combines functionality with aesthetics. Each piece is carefully designed and created by skilled artisans in Japan, using high-quality materials and traditional ceramic techniques. From mugs and bowls to plates and trays, every item in the Kinto Ceramic Lab collection has a unique character and texture that adds warmth and charm to any table setting. The simple yet elegant designs are perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.  

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CLK-151 Bowl - BeigeCLK-151 Bowl - Beige
CLK-151 Bowl - Beige Sale price$26.95
CLK-151 Bowl - BlackCLK-151 Bowl - Black
CLK-151 Bowl - Black Sale price$26.95
CLK-151 Bowl - WhiteCLK-151 Bowl - White
CLK-151 Bowl - White Sale price$26.95
CLK-151 Bowl 180mm - BeigeCLK-151 Bowl 180mm - Beige
CLK-151 Bowl 180mm - Beige Sale price$49.95
CLK-151 Bowl 180mm - BlackCLK-151 Bowl 180mm - Black
CLK-151 Bowl 180mm - Black Sale price$49.95
CLK-151 Bowl 180mm - WhiteCLK-151 Bowl 180mm - White
CLK-151 Bowl 180mm - White Sale price$49.95
CLK-151 Bowl 220mm - BeigeCLK-151 Bowl 220mm - Beige
CLK-151 Bowl 220mm - Beige Sale price$88.95
CLK-151 Bowl 220mm - BlackCLK-151 Bowl 220mm - Black
CLK-151 Bowl 220mm - Black Sale price$88.95
CLK-151 Bowl 220mm - WhiteCLK-151 Bowl 220mm - White
CLK-151 Bowl 220mm - White Sale price$88.95
CLK-151 Cup 180ml BeigeCLK-151 Cup 180ml Beige
CLK-151 Cup 180ml Beige Sale price$18.95
CLK-151 Cup 180ml BlackCLK-151 Cup 180ml Black
CLK-151 Cup 180ml Black Sale price$18.95
CLK-151 Cup 180ml WhiteCLK-151 Cup 180ml White
CLK-151 Cup 180ml White Sale price$18.95
CLK-151 Deep Plate - BeigeCLK-151 Deep Plate - Beige
CLK-151 Deep Plate - Beige Sale price$44.95
CLK-151 Deep Plate - BlackCLK-151 Deep Plate - Black
CLK-151 Deep Plate - Black Sale price$44.95
CLK-151 Deep Plate - WhiteCLK-151 Deep Plate - White
CLK-151 Deep Plate - White Sale price$44.95
CLK-151 Large Mug - BeigeCLK-151 Large Mug - Beige
CLK-151 Large Mug - Beige Sale price$31.95
CLK-151 Large Mug - BlackCLK-151 Large Mug - Black
CLK-151 Large Mug - Black Sale price$31.95
CLK-151 Large Mug - WhiteCLK-151 Large Mug - White
CLK-151 Large Mug - White Sale price$31.95
CLK-151 Large Plate - BeigeCLK-151 Large Plate - Beige
CLK-151 Large Plate - Beige Sale price$64.95
CLK-151 Large Plate - BlackCLK-151 Large Plate - Black
CLK-151 Large Plate - Black Sale price$61.95
CLK-151 Large Plate - WhiteCLK-151 Large Plate - White
CLK-151 Large Plate - White Sale price$61.95
CLK-151 Medium Plate - BeigeCLK-151 Medium Plate - Beige
CLK-151 Medium Plate - BlackCLK-151 Medium Plate - Black
CLK-151 Medium Plate - WhiteCLK-151 Medium Plate - White
CLK-151 Small Mug - BeigeCLK-151 Small Mug - Beige
CLK-151 Small Mug - Beige Sale price$28.95
CLK-151 Small Mug - BlackCLK-151 Small Mug - Black
CLK-151 Small Mug - Black Sale price$28.95
CLK-151 Small Mug - WhiteCLK-151 Small Mug - White
CLK-151 Small Mug - White Sale price$28.95
CLK-151 Small Plate - BeigeCLK-151 Small Plate - Beige
CLK-151 Small Plate - Beige Sale price$26.95
CLK-151 Small Plate - BlackCLK-151 Small Plate - Black
CLK-151 Small Plate - Black Sale price$26.95
CLK-151 Small Plate - WhiteCLK-151 Small Plate - White
CLK-151 Small Plate - White Sale price$26.95
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml BeigeCLK-151 Teapot 500ml Beige
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml Beige Sale price$97.95
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml BlackCLK-151 Teapot 500ml Black
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml Black Sale price$97.95
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml WhiteCLK-151 Teapot 500ml White
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml White Sale price$97.95
CLK-151 X-Small Plate - BeigeCLK-151 X-Small Plate - Beige
CLK-151 X-Small Plate - BlackCLK-151 X-Small Plate - Black
CLK-151 X-Small Plate - WhiteCLK-151 X-Small Plate - White
CLK-211 Canister 100ml - BlackCLK-211 Canister 100ml - Black
CLK-211 Canister 100ml - WhiteCLK-211 Canister 100ml - White
CLK-211 Canister 400ml - BlackCLK-211 Canister 400ml - Black
CLK-211 Canister 400ml - WhiteCLK-211 Canister 400ml - White
CLK-211 Canister 650ml - BlackCLK-211 Canister 650ml - Black
CLK-211 Canister 650ml - WhiteCLK-211 Canister 650ml - White
CLK-211 Cutlery Holder 60mm BlackCLK-211 Cutlery Holder 60mm Black
CLK-211 Cutlery Holder 60mm WhiteCLK-211 Cutlery Holder 60mm White
CLK-211 Cutlery Holder 75mm BlackCLK-211 Cutlery Holder 75mm Black
CLK-211 Cutlery Holder 75mm WhiteCLK-211 Cutlery Holder 75mm White