SCS-S02 Brew Stand

$197.00 USD

SLOW COFFEE STYLE SPECIALTY is inspired by the passion of craftsmen. Unique products ensuring comfort of use are created by seeking the best materials, thoughtfully crafting, and carefully finessing. Enjoy a slow, relaxing passage of time and immerse in a deeper, richer, coffee time.

A countertop beauty - this brass brew stand mounted on sturdy walnut and the borosilicate glass pitcher will get your day started right. The stand is designed so a scale can be included below for a precise pour if needed. The overall height of the stand can be adjusted allowing you for the usage of various vessels from a mug to a tall server. The white dots on the glass server indicate the amount of dripped coffee, and the glass holder can be used to place the filter after use.

  • Material: Brass, Walnut, Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel
  • Stand Measures: W16.5 x D13 x H25 cm / W6.5 x D5.1 x H9.8 in
  • Glass Pitcher Measures: Ø8 x H11 x W13.5 cm / Ø3.1 x H4.3 x W5.3 in
  • As Walnut is a natural material slight variances in grain and colour can occur and are what is inherently desirable about this item. 
  • Care Instructions: Avoid direct sunlight on stand or extreme temperature or humidity changes that might cause the wood to warp or crack. Wipe the base and stand with a damp cloth. Do not let stand in water. The metal brewer, pitcher and filter are all dishwasher safe. The jug can be microwaved however, do not use on a stovetop. 

Kinto, a Japanese based brand, designs products that are both beautiful and useful. Their attitude is that life is to be savoured - and their products are made to aid in that. Their wish is that with slow coffee pour over methods and al fresco dinnerware that you might spend time with close family and friends and invite creativity and thoughtfulness into your life.

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