Braun Classic Alarm Clock - White

$42.00 USD

The Braun classic alarm clock has an easy to read dial with the iconic yellow second hand that has become synonymous with Braun’s award winning design. The clean simplistic look and ease of use makes this an outstanding Braun clock.

  • Integrated snooze and light function
  • Matt case and dial
  • Quiet precision quartz movement
  • Alarm: Crescendo alarm, integrated foot snooze/light function
  • Battery: AAA Battery (battery not included)
  • Luminous hands

Measures  7.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 cm / 3 x 3 x 1.4 in

About Braun: Over the last six decades, design has become a core pillar of the Braun brand. The values of quality, functionality, clarity, longevity and timelessness have been integrated into an enduring design philosophy. Braun users identify with these values; for them, Braun watches, Braun clocks, and Braun calculators are long-term companions. In an age of prosperity and saturation, the benefit of fewer, better products has become self-evident.

As Braun sets out to create desirable, innovative products, their gaze looks forward into the future, whilst the design principles they use to achieve consistency, simplicity and clarity are firmly rooted in the brand’s unique design legacy.

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