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Skagerak, established in 1976 and based in Denmark, has always focused on designing and producing high quality furniture that ages with grace and lasts for generations. Skagerak intends to inspire customers to live well and think long-term. 

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Product type
Product type
Hven Table 190Hven Table 190
Hven Table 190 Sale price$4,195.00 USD
Jut Cabinet - Marble & OakJut Cabinet - Marble & Oak
Jut Cabinet - Marble & Oak Sale price$3,644.00 USD
Aldus Table 200Aldus Table 200
Aldus Table 200 Sale price$3,290.00 USD
Jut CabinetJut Cabinet
Jut Cabinet Sale price$2,916.00 USD
Georg Dining TableGeorg Dining Table
Georg Dining Table Sale price$2,177.00 USD
Maissi Bench - White Soap OakMaissi Bench - White Soap Oak
Maissi Bench - White Soap Oak Sale price$1,811.00 USD
Maissi Bench - White Oiled OakMaissi Bench - White Oiled Oak
Maissi Bench - White Oiled Oak Sale price$1,811.00 USD
Maissi Bench - Oiled OakMaissi Bench - Oiled Oak
Maissi Bench - Oiled Oak Sale price$1,811.00 USD
Maissi Bench - OakMaissi Bench - Oak
Maissi Bench - Oak Sale price$1,615.00 USD
Vent BenchVent Bench
Vent Bench Sale price$1,456.00 USD
Georg Bench - Black OakGeorg Bench - Black Oak
Georg Bench - Black Oak Sale price$1,411.00 USD
Cutter Bench - Black OakCutter Bench - Black Oak
Cutter Bench - Black Oak Sale price$1,385.00 USD
Hven Bench - White Oil OakHven Bench - White Oil Oak
Hven Bench - White Oil Oak Sale price$1,362.00 USD
Hven Bench - White Soap OakHven Bench - White Soap Oak
Hven Bench - White Soap Oak Sale price$1,362.00 USD
Hven Bench - Oiled OakHven Bench - Oiled Oak
Hven Bench - Oiled Oak Sale price$1,362.00 USD
Georg Bench - Oak/LinenGeorg Bench - Oak/Linen
Georg Bench - Oak/Linen Sale price$1,340.00 USD
Georg Bench - Oak/GrayGeorg Bench - Oak/Gray
Georg Bench - Oak/Gray Sale price$1,340.00 USD
Cutter Bench - TeakCutter Bench - Teak
Cutter Bench - Teak Sale price$1,306.00 USD
Cutter Bench - OakCutter Bench - Oak
Cutter Bench - Oak Sale price$1,306.00 USD
Georg Desk - OakGeorg Desk - Oak
Georg Desk - Oak Sale price$1,204.00 USD
Hven Bar Stool - White Oil OakHven Bar Stool - White Oil Oak
Hven Bar Stool - White Oil Oak Sale price$1,170.00 USD
Hven Bar Stool - White Soap OakHven Bar Stool - White Soap Oak
Hven Bar Stool - White Soap Oak Sale price$1,170.00 USD
Hven Bar Stool - Oiled OakHven Bar Stool - Oiled Oak
Hven Bar Stool - Oiled Oak Sale price$1,170.00 USD
Hven Bench - OakHven Bench - Oak
Hven Bench - Oak Sale price$1,170.00 USD
Vester Chair - OakVester Chair - Oak
Vester Chair - Oak Sale price$1,042.00 USD
Georg Stool - JubileeGeorg Stool - Jubilee
Georg Stool - Jubilee Sale price$1,038.00 USD
Hven Bar Stool - OakHven Bar Stool - Oak
Hven Bar Stool - Oak Sale price$966.00 USD
Hven ArmchairHven Armchair
Hven Armchair Sale price$871.00 USD
Georg Console Table - Black OakGeorg Console Table - Black Oak
Georg Console Table - Black Oak Sale price$864.00 USD
Vent StoolVent Stool
Vent Stool Sale price$838.00 USD
Georg Console Table - OakGeorg Console Table - Oak
Georg Console Table - Oak Sale price$819.00 USD
Georg Bar Stool Low - Black OakGeorg Bar Stool Low - Black Oak
Georg Bar Stool Low - Black Oak Sale price$778.00 USD
Georg Bar Stool Low - OakGeorg Bar Stool Low - Oak
Georg Bar Stool Low - Oak Sale price$740.00 USD
Georg Mirror - Black OakGeorg Mirror - Black Oak
Georg Mirror - Black Oak Sale price$657.00 USD
Sold outGeorg MirrorGeorg Mirror
Georg Mirror Sale price$634.00 USD
Cutter Stool - Black OakCutter Stool - Black Oak
Cutter Stool - Black Oak Sale price$624.00 USD
Cutter Stool - TeakCutter Stool - Teak
Cutter Stool - Teak Sale price$585.00 USD
Cutter Stool - OakCutter Stool - Oak
Cutter Stool - Oak Sale price$585.00 USD
Building Table HighBuilding Table High
Building Table High Sale price$570.00 USD
Noboru StoolNoboru Stool
Noboru Stool Sale price$529.00 USD
Georg Stool - Black OakGeorg Stool - Black Oak
Georg Stool - Black Oak Sale price$517.00 USD
Georg Stool - Oak/LinenGeorg Stool - Oak/Linen
Georg Stool - Oak/Linen Sale price$498.00 USD
Georg Stool - OakGeorg Stool - Oak
Georg Stool - Oak Sale price$498.00 USD
Norr Magazine Holder 120Norr Magazine Holder 120
Norr Magazine Holder 120 Sale price$472.00 USD
Fionia Stool - TeakFionia Stool - Teak
Fionia Stool - Teak Sale price$415.00 USD
Fionia Stool - OakFionia Stool - Oak
Fionia Stool - Oak Sale price$415.00 USD
Building Table LowBuilding Table Low
Building Table Low Sale price$381.00 USD
Nomad Stool - OakNomad Stool - Oak
Nomad Stool - Oak Sale price$340.00 USD