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Skagerak, established in 1976 and based in Denmark, has always focused on designing and producing high quality furniture that ages with grace and lasts for generations. Skagerak intends to inspire customers to live well and think long-term. 

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Offer valid on select Skagerak Outdoor furniture until July 18, 2023.

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Product type
Product type
Pelagus Table - Hunter GreenPelagus Table - Hunter Green
Pelagus Table - Hunter Green Sale price$6,598.95
Pelagus Table - Light IvoryPelagus Table - Light Ivory
Pelagus Table - Light Ivory Sale price$6,598.95
Overlap Table - Anthracite BlackOverlap Table - Anthracite Black
Overlap Table - Hunter GreenOverlap Table - Hunter Green
Overlap Table - Hunter Green Sale price$6,598.95
Selandia TableSelandia Table
Selandia Table Sale price$5,598.95
Riviera LoungeRiviera Lounge
Riviera Lounge Sale price$5,298.95
Pelagus SunbedPelagus Sunbed
Pelagus Sunbed Sale price$4,498.95
Riviera SunbedRiviera Sunbed
Riviera Sunbed Sale price$3,598.95
Lilium Table 160Lilium Table 160
Lilium Table 160 Sale price$2,898.95
Pelagus Lounge ChairPelagus Lounge Chair
Pelagus Lounge Chair Sale price$2,895.95
Columbus Sunbed - WhiteColumbus Sunbed - White
Columbus Sunbed - White Sale price$2,698.95
Columbus Sunbed - Black
Columbus Sunbed - Black Sale price$2,698.95
Reform Table - Anthracite BlackReform Table - Anthracite Black
Reform Table - Anthracite Black Sale price$2,698.95
Reform Table - Hunter GreenReform Table - Hunter Green
Reform Table - Hunter Green Sale price$2,698.95
Selandia Table 147Selandia Table 147
Selandia Table 147 Sale price$2,698.95
Overlap Bench - Hunter GreenOverlap Bench - Hunter Green
Overlap Bench - Hunter Green Sale price$2,598.95
Overlap Bench - Anthracite BlackOverlap Bench - Anthracite Black
Selandia 2-SeaterSelandia 2-Seater
Selandia 2-Seater Sale price$2,398.95
Atlantis Umbrella Ø330 - Golden Yellow StripesAtlantis Umbrella Ø330 - Golden Yellow Stripes
Atlantis Umbrella Ø330 - Dark Blue StripesAtlantis Umbrella Ø330 - Dark Blue Stripes
Selandia Table Ø94Selandia Table Ø94
Selandia Table Ø94 Sale price$2,298.95
Atlantis Umbrella 330 - Off WhiteAtlantis Umbrella 330 - Off White
Messina Umbrella 300 - Light Apricot/Dark Green StripeMessina Umbrella 300 - Light Apricot/Dark Green Stripe
Messina Umbrella 300 - Lemon/Sand StripeMessina Umbrella 300 - Lemon/Sand Stripe
Atlantis Umbrella Ø330 - Off-WhiteAtlantis Umbrella Ø330 - Off-White
Lilium BenchLilium Bench
Lilium Bench Sale price$1,848.95
Messina Umbrella Ø300 - Light Apricot/Dark Green Stripe
Messina Umbrella Ø300 - Lemon/Sand StripeMessina Umbrella Ø300 - Lemon/Sand Stripe
Reform Bench - Hunter GreenReform Bench - Hunter Green
Reform Bench - Hunter Green Sale price$1,648.95
Reform Bench - Anthracite BlackReform Bench - Anthracite Black
Reform Bench - Anthracite Black Sale price$1,648.95
Pelagus Armchair - Hunter GreenPelagus Armchair - Hunter Green
Pelagus Armchair - Hunter Green Sale price$1,598.95
Pelagus Armchair - Light IvoryPelagus Armchair - Light Ivory
Pelagus Armchair - Light Ivory Sale price$1,598.95
Between Lines Deck ChairBetween Lines Deck Chair
Between Lines Deck Chair Sale price$1,598.95
Messina Umbrella Ø270 - Golden Yellow StripesMessina Umbrella Ø270 - Golden Yellow Stripes
Messina Umbrella Ø270 - Dark Blue Stripes
Messina Umbrella 300 - Off-WhiteMessina Umbrella 300 - Off-White
Pelagus Sunbed Cushion - Honey Yellow
Lilium ArmchairLilium Armchair
Lilium Armchair Sale price$1,349.95
Messina Umbrella Ø300 - Off-White
Riviera Sunbed Cushion - Papyrus
Pelagus Chair - Hunter GreenPelagus Chair - Hunter Green
Pelagus Chair - Hunter Green Sale price$1,348.95
Pelagus Chair - Light IvoryPelagus Chair - Light Ivory
Pelagus Chair - Light Ivory Sale price$1,348.95
Lilium Lounge TableLilium Lounge Table
Lilium Lounge Table Sale price$1,348.95
Messina Umbrella 270x270 - Off-WhiteMessina Umbrella 270x270 - Off-White
Riviera Sunbed Cushion - Sea Blue Stripe
Riviera Sunbed Cushion - Golden Yellow Stripe
Riviera Sunbed Cushion - White
Riviera Sunbed Cushion - White Sale price$1,198.95
Riviera Sunbed Cushion - Ash
Riviera Sunbed Cushion - Ash Sale price$1,198.95