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New Arrivals

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Fried Egg CandleFried Egg Candle
Fried Egg Candle Sale price$24.95
Sandwich CandleSandwich Candle
Sandwich Candle Sale price$24.95
Baguette CandleBaguette Candle
Baguette Candle Sale price$34.95
Chef CandleChef Candle
Chef Candle Sale price$52.95
Salami CandleSalami Candle
Salami Candle Sale price$29.95
Hot Dog CandleHot Dog Candle
Hot Dog Candle Sale price$49.95
Spaghetti Dish CandleSpaghetti Dish Candle
Spaghetti Dish Candle Sale price$69.95
Pear CandlePear Candle
Pear Candle Sale price$29.95
Half Melon CandleHalf Melon Candle
Half Melon Candle Sale price$32.95
Sold outGreen Apple CandleGreen Apple Candle
Green Apple Candle Sale price$24.95
Lemon CandleLemon Candle
Lemon Candle Sale price$19.95
Porcini Mushroom CandlePorcini Mushroom Candle
Porcini Mushroom Candle Sale price$24.95
Arum Swivel Wall Lamp - BlackArum Swivel Wall Lamp - Black
Arum Swivel Wall Lamp - CashmereArum Swivel Wall Lamp - Cashmere
Bread Knife - Sori YanagiBread Knife - Sori Yanagi
Bread Knife - Sori Yanagi Sale price$194.95
Kitchen Knife Large - Sori YanagiKitchen Knife Large - Sori Yanagi
Kitchen Knife Medium - Sori YanagiKitchen Knife Medium - Sori Yanagi
Kitchen Knife Small - Sori YanagiKitchen Knife Small - Sori Yanagi
HPGLC Glass ClearHPGLC Glass Clear
HPGLC Glass Clear Sale price$15.95
HPGLM Glass GreyHPGLM Glass Grey
HPGLM Glass Grey Sale price$15.95
HPGLA Glass AmberHPGLA Glass Amber
HPGLA Glass Amber Sale price$15.95
Moire Vase - Off WhiteMoire Vase - Off White
Moire Vase - Off White Sale price$238.95
Cupe Wall Rack - BlackCupe Wall Rack - Black
Cupe Wall Rack - Black Sale price$598.95
Tenderheart Sale price$54.00
Bread and How to Eat It
Bread and How to Eat It Sale price$41.00
More is More - Molly Baz
More is More - Molly Baz Sale price$48.00
Sweet Enough
Sweet Enough Sale price$48.00
Think Big - Shop Small
Think Big - Shop Small Sale price$78.00
Copper Grater - Original
Copper Grater - Original Sale price$59.95
Copper Grater - Turtle
Copper Grater - Turtle Sale price$59.95
Kehai Clock - YellowKehai Clock - Yellow
Kehai Clock - Yellow Sale price$229.95
Oyster Wall Lamp - BlackOyster Wall Lamp - Black
Oyster Wall Lamp - Black Sale price$964.95
Stagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle - Matte Black and WalnutStagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle - Matte Black and Walnut
Stagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle - Matte WhiteStagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle - Matte White
Stagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle - Matte BlackStagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle - Matte Black
12oz Wash N°2 Scented - Maude
Tuck Pot - CashmereTuck Pot - Cashmere
Tuck Pot - Cashmere Sale price$178.95
Yukihira Stainless Steel Pot LidYukihira Stainless Steel Pot Lid
Yukihira Stainless Steel Pot Large 20cmYukihira Stainless Steel Pot Large 20cm
Yukihira Stainless Steel Pot Small 18cmYukihira Stainless Steel Pot Small 18cm
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml BeigeCLK-151 Teapot 500ml Beige
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml Beige Sale price$97.95
Distinct Side Table - TravertineDistinct Side Table - Travertine
Petra Mortar - Quartz WhitePetra Mortar - Quartz White
Petra Mortar - Quartz White Sale price$214.95
Oyster Table Lamp - BlackOyster Table Lamp - Black
Oyster Table Lamp - Black Sale price$598.95
OFS. Canvas Tote Bag
OFS. Canvas Tote Bag Sale price$24.95