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About Hasami Porcelain's Individual Characteristics

HASAMI PORCELAIN sets itself apart from the mass-produced, factory-made porcelain tableware found in other porcelain-producing regions around the world. Porcelain made in the Hasami village is original in the organic nature of its production and the unique character of each finished product.

Specialization serves as a key factor in the overall production process. Each product is passed onto different craftsmen in various parts of the village to undergo a specific step of handwork until the product is completed. Each craftsman is skilled in their own specialized role, such as the mixing of soil and stone, the molding of the product, the glazing, and the maintenance of the kiln during the firing process. They each contribute in their own way to create a piece that is naturally different from all the rest. This organization of labor in the Hasami village has been passed down for generations since the beginning of the Edo period.

Another integral part of this production process is the understanding of the four seasons, and how their conditions can affect the outcome of the final product. Seasonal conditions such as temperature and humidity are organic factors that determine how the redness of the raw soil deepens throughout the clay, or how the glaze runs over the textured surface. These natural variances in color and texture are what ultimately create the personality that defines each Hasami Porcelain piece as its own aesthetically unique product.