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Tamanohada Round Soap - FigTamanohada Round Soap - Fig
Tamanohada Round Soap - Fig Sale price$16.95
Red Cedar DiscsRed Cedar Discs
Red Cedar Discs Sale price$14.95
Nail Brush - Iris HantverkNail Brush - Iris Hantverk
Nail Brush - Iris Hantverk Sale price$19.95
Amber Sepia Cup 340mlAmber Sepia Cup 340ml
Amber Sepia Cup 340ml Sale price$28.95
Water Bottle 500ml - SmokeWater Bottle 500ml - Smoke
Water Bottle 500ml - Smoke Sale price$21.95
XX-Large Matte White Cylinder PotXX-Large Matte White Cylinder Pot
Japaneasy Sale price$54.00
Lint BrushLint Brush
Lint Brush Sale price$44.95
HPM001 Plate GlossHPM001 Plate Gloss
HPM001 Plate Gloss Sale price$12.95
X-Large Deep Saucer Matte WhiteX-Large Deep Saucer Matte White
Black Oak FrameBlack Oak Frame
Black Oak Frame Sale priceFrom $109.95
Sea Salt Dark Chocolate 72% - Fossa
Lemongrass Soap - Savon Du MidiLemongrass Soap - Savon Du Midi
Natural ToothbrushNatural Toothbrush
Natural Toothbrush Sale price$12.95
OFS. Chunky Knit Wool Hat - SageOFS. Chunky Knit Wool Hat - Sage
Medium Deep Saucer Matte WhiteMedium Deep Saucer Matte White
Sold outHPB020 Mug BlackHPB020 Mug Black
HPB020 Mug Black Sale price$38.95
Japanese Blackened Brass Ball Incense HolderJapanese Blackened Brass Ball Incense Holder
White Dustpan & BrushWhite Dustpan & Brush
White Dustpan & Brush Sale price$49.95
Wooden Chopsticks - PersimmonWooden Chopsticks - Persimmon
Travel Tumbler 500ml - CoyoteTravel Tumbler 500ml - Coyote
Sasawashi Body Scrub MittSasawashi Body Scrub Mitt
Sasawashi Body Scrub Mitt Sale price$19.95
Flat-Top T-190 Toolbox - GreenFlat-Top T-190 Toolbox - Green
Kamenoko Bath Scrubber
Kamenoko Bath Scrubber Sale price$25.95
Amber Sepia Cup & SaucerAmber Sepia Cup & Saucer
Amber Sepia Cup & Saucer Sale price$41.95
Water Bottle 500ml - ClearWater Bottle 500ml - Clear
Water Bottle 500ml - Clear Sale price$21.95
HP019 Mug NaturalHP019 Mug Natural
HP019 Mug Natural Sale price$34.95
Binchotan Charcoal Eye MaskBinchotan Charcoal Eye Mask
Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask Sale price$36.95
Japanese Hinoki Bathmat MediumJapanese Hinoki Bathmat Medium
X-Large Deep Saucer TerracottaX-Large Deep Saucer Terracotta
Santal Soap - Savon Du MidiSantal Soap - Savon Du Midi
Santal Soap - Savon Du Midi Sale price$12.95
The Practice of Not Thinking
CLK-151 Large Mug - WhiteCLK-151 Large Mug - White
CLK-151 Large Mug - White Sale price$31.95
The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories Softcover
Aarke PET Bottle - Stainless SteelAarke PET Bottle - Stainless Steel
Earthsaver Soap RestEarthsaver Soap Rest
Earthsaver Soap Rest Sale price$21.95
Sekishin Incense - ElemenseSekishin Incense - Elemense
Sekishin Incense - Elemense Sale price$49.95
In Our Time - Hemmingway
In Our Time - Hemmingway Sale price$15.00
Higonokami Folding Knife - BrassHigonokami Folding Knife - Brass
Travel Tumbler 350ml - CoyoteTravel Tumbler 350ml - Coyote
Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle - Matte WhiteFellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle - Matte White
Indigo Dotted Ceramic Soap DishIndigo Dotted Ceramic Soap Dish
Oak Bath Brush - Iris HantverkOak Bath Brush - Iris Hantverk
Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs Of People
Japanese Rush Trivet MediumJapanese Rush Trivet Medium
Japanese Rush Trivet Medium Sale price$25.95
On saleSasawashi Room Shoes - CamelSasawashi Room Shoes - Camel
Sasawashi Room Shoes - Camel Sale priceFrom $63.99 Regular price$96.95
Amber Sepia Cup 270mlAmber Sepia Cup 270ml
Amber Sepia Cup 270ml Sale price$28.95
Tamanohada Round Soap - GardeniaTamanohada Round Soap - Gardenia