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de Buyer 24cm Mineral B Frying Pan

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The iron MINERAL B frying pan from de Buyer is ideal for searing, sealing, browning and grilling and just as excellent for sautéing and cracking your morning eggs in. This 100% natural material frying pan has a naturally stick-resistant surface - a protective beeswax finish and is therefore guaranteed coating-free (no PFAO or PTFE). Using an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process with no chemical byproducts results in this robust, recyclable and professional product.

This frying pan can achieve high temperatures and quickly seals food, thereby preserving vitamins and nutrients. The more you use this frying pan, the better it cooks; The blacker it gets, the less it sticks.

  • Made of 99% Iron
  • Organic Beeswax finish - natural finish that aids in preventing oxidization and improving a non-stick finish
  • With usage this pan will darken and develop a non-stick surface. 
  • Safe for use on all heat sources including induction
  • Oven and Broiler Safe
  • Hand-wash only - Do not use in Dishwasher
  • Triple Riveted Steel handle with ergonomic design
  • Measures 3.8 H x 44 L x 24 ø cm / 1.5 H x 17.3 L x 9.4 ø in
  • Made in France

Care Instructions:

After cooking deglaze your pan by pouring some liquid into it. After deglazing the pan, clean it with warm water. If residues remain, you should use an abrasive sponge. Dry the pan immediately and slightly oil it to avoid rust.

Caution: Once seasoned, never clean your iron frying pan in a dishwasher or with detergent products as they would damage your pan and its seasoning. Also, never soak your pan or let it dry on a kitchen sink as this increases the risk of oxidization. 

Prior to Using for the First Time:

Before using your de Buyer frypan for the first time, be sure to season the pan. Gently wash the pan with warm water, a little cleaning soap and an abrasive sponge or copper scrubber. Quickly dry. Pour 1mm of frying oil into the pan, roll it around the entire surface of the pan and then heat it on the stove. Once the oil slightly steams, empty the oil wipe the pan with a paper towel. Optimal seasoning is achieved once red meat has been cooked in the pan some 10 times. 

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de Buyer 24cm Mineral B Frying Pan

de Buyer 24cm Mineral B Frying Pan


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