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Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. 

-William Morris

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Lavender Soap - Savon Du MidiLavender Soap - Savon Du Midi
Santal Soap - Savon Du MidiSantal Soap - Savon Du Midi
Santal Soap - Savon Du Midi Sale price$12.95
Provence Soap - Savon Du MidiProvence Soap - Savon Du Midi
Lemongrass Soap - Savon Du MidiLemongrass Soap - Savon Du Midi
Savon de Marseille - Olive Soap Block
Oak Bath Brush - Iris HantverkOak Bath Brush - Iris Hantverk
Save $4.96 Iris Hantverk - Scrub BrushIris Hantverk - Scrub Brush
Iris Hantverk - Scrub Brush Sale price$11.99 Regular price$16.95
Copper Sponge 2 Pack
Copper Sponge 2 Pack Sale price$19.99
Baby HairbrushBaby Hairbrush
Baby Hairbrush Sale price$19.95
Papier d'Armenie
Papier d'Armenie Sale price$11.95
Bath Sponge with Duck
Bath Sponge with Duck Sale price$29.95
Grill BrushGrill Brush
Grill Brush Sale price$9.95
Kitchen Twine
Kitchen Twine Sale price$9.95
Wooden Comb with HandleWooden Comb with Handle
Wooden Comb with Handle Sale price$16.95
Multipurpose Cleaning Cloth Set - OrangeMultipurpose Cleaning Cloth Set - Orange
Wooden Citrus ReamerWooden Citrus Reamer
Wooden Citrus Reamer Sale price$9.95
Fixed Handle Bath BrushFixed Handle Bath Brush
Fixed Handle Bath Brush Sale price$39.95
Ikebana Floral ScissorsIkebana Floral Scissors
Ikebana Floral Scissors Sale price$89.95
Maruyama Kenzan - Medium Flower Frog BrassMaruyama Kenzan - Medium Flower Frog Brass
Maruyama Kenzan - Large Flower Frog BrassMaruyama Kenzan - Large Flower Frog Brass
Save $16.96 Single Bundle Chagama BroomSingle Bundle Chagama Broom
Single Bundle Chagama Broom Sale price$32.99 Regular price$49.95
Shuro Tawashi Brush with HandleShuro Tawashi Brush with Handle
Indigo Dotted Ceramic Soap DishIndigo Dotted Ceramic Soap Dish
Indigo Dotted Round Ceramic Soap DishIndigo Dotted Round Ceramic Soap Dish
Orb Watering Can - BlackOrb Watering Can - Black
Orb Watering Can - Black Sale price$178.95
Orb Watering Can - CashmereOrb Watering Can - Cashmere
Orb Watering Can - Cashmere Sale price$178.95
Grib Toolbox - CashmereGrib Toolbox - Cashmere
Grib Toolbox - Cashmere Sale price$144.95
Grib Toolbox - BlackGrib Toolbox - Black
Grib Toolbox - Black Sale price$144.95
Grib Tray - BlackGrib Tray - Black
Grib Tray - Black Sale price$118.95
Grib Tray - CashmereGrib Tray - Cashmere
Grib Tray - Cashmere Sale price$118.95
Save $32.96 Liba Watering Can - BlackLiba Watering Can - Black
Liba Watering Can - Black Sale price$61.99 Regular price$94.95
Flat-Top T-190 Toolbox - WhiteFlat-Top T-190 Toolbox - White
Flat-Top T-190 Toolbox - CoralFlat-Top T-190 Toolbox - Coral
Flat-Top T-190 Toolbox - BeigeFlat-Top T-190 Toolbox - Beige
Sold outTwo Stage ST-350 Toolbox - SilverTwo Stage ST-350 Toolbox - Silver
Two Stage ST-350 Toolbox - GreenTwo Stage ST-350 Toolbox - Green
Two Stage ST-350 Toolbox - RedTwo Stage ST-350 Toolbox - Red
Two Stage ST-350 Toolbox - BlackTwo Stage ST-350 Toolbox - Black
Camber Y-350 Toolbox WhiteCamber Y-350 Toolbox White
Camber Y-350 Toolbox White Sale price$49.95
Herman Laundry Stand - BlackHerman Laundry Stand - Black
Herman Laundry Stand - Black Sale price$264.95
Two Stage ST-350 Toolbox - WhiteTwo Stage ST-350 Toolbox - White
Hale Apron - SandHale Apron - Sand
Hale Apron - Sand Sale price$74.95
Hale Apron - GreenHale Apron - Green
Hale Apron - Green Sale price$74.95
Two Stage ST-350 Toolbox - BeigeTwo Stage ST-350 Toolbox - Beige
Camber Y-350 Toolbox BeigeCamber Y-350 Toolbox Beige
Camber Y-350 Toolbox Beige Sale price$49.95
Camber Y-350 Toolbox RedCamber Y-350 Toolbox Red
Camber Y-350 Toolbox Red Sale price$49.95
Flat-Top T-190 Toolbox - RedFlat-Top T-190 Toolbox - Red
Enkel Bin - CashmereEnkel Bin - Cashmere
Enkel Bin - Cashmere Sale price$332.95