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Earthy Elegance for Every Meal

Terra Collection by KINTO

TERRA is distinguished by its reddish-brown clay edges and serene-toned expressive glaze. Meticulously handcrafted by artisans, each piece adds a touch of warmth and elegance to dishes like stews and oven-baked recipes. Designed with a stable form and a moderate thickness, these pieces are both practical and beautiful, stacking easily for convenient storage.

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TERRA Deep Plate 230mm - BlackTERRA Deep Plate 230mm - Black
TERRA Deep Plate 230mm - BeigeTERRA Deep Plate 230mm - Beige
TERRA Bowl 190mm - BeigeTERRA Bowl 190mm - Beige
TERRA Bowl 190mm - Beige Sale price$54.32
TERRA Bowl 190mm - BlackTERRA Bowl 190mm - Black
TERRA Bowl 190mm - Black Sale price$54.32
TERRA Grill Dish 145mm - BlackTERRA Grill Dish 145mm - Black
TERRA Grill Dish 145mm - BeigeTERRA Grill Dish 145mm - Beige
TERRA Mug 300ml - BlackTERRA Mug 300ml - Black
TERRA Mug 300ml - Black Sale price$41.95
TERRA Mug 300ml - BeigeTERRA Mug 300ml - Beige
TERRA Mug 300ml - Beige Sale price$41.95
TERRA Bowl 135mm - BlackTERRA Bowl 135mm - Black
TERRA Bowl 135mm - Black Sale price$37.95
TERRA Bowl 135mm - BeigeTERRA Bowl 135mm - Beige
TERRA Bowl 135mm - Beige Sale price$37.95
TERRA Plate 180mm - BlackTERRA Plate 180mm - Black
TERRA Plate 180mm - Black Sale price$37.95
TERRA Plate 180mm - BeigeTERRA Plate 180mm - Beige
TERRA Plate 180mm - Beige Sale price$37.95