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Savour the Moment

Savour the Moment

It's important that no matter what transpires in a given day that we are taking the time to refuel both our bodies and our minds. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea and let the residual heat in your stomach radiate throughout like a central hearth. Prepare and enjoy a light snack or something sweet and nourish yourself with the confidence that you are regaining your energy for the chores ahead - but don't worry about that yet; sip slowly and let calm reside. 

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Stainless Steel Kettle - Sori YanagiStainless Steel Kettle - Sori Yanagi
Organic Matcha - Sei ClassicOrganic Matcha - Sei Classic
HPB019 Mug BlackHPB019 Mug Black
HPB019 Mug Black Sale price$34.95
Kaico KettleKaico Kettle
Kaico Kettle Sale price$209.95
HPB029 Bottle BlackHPB029 Bottle Black
HPB029 Bottle Black Sale price$69.95
HPM019 Mug GlossHPM019 Mug Gloss
HPM019 Mug Gloss Sale price$34.95
HP036 Ash Wooden TrayHP036 Ash Wooden Tray
HP036 Ash Wooden Tray Sale price$114.95
Organic Matcha - Waka CeremonialOrganic Matcha - Waka Ceremonial
HPM021 Mug GlossHPM021 Mug Gloss
HPM021 Mug Gloss Sale price$41.95
HPB038 Tumbler BlackHPB038 Tumbler Black
HPB038 Tumbler Black Sale price$34.95
Sold outHPB020 Mug BlackHPB020 Mug Black
HPB020 Mug Black Sale price$38.95
HPM017 Sugar Pot GlossHPM017 Sugar Pot Gloss
HPM017 Sugar Pot Gloss Sale price$22.95
HPM028 Creamer GlossHPM028 Creamer Gloss
HPM028 Creamer Gloss Sale price$34.95
Kaico Coffee PotKaico Coffee Pot
Kaico Coffee Pot Sale price$164.95
HP019 Mug NaturalHP019 Mug Natural
HP019 Mug Natural Sale price$34.95
HP017 Sugar Pot NaturalHP017 Sugar Pot Natural
HP017 Sugar Pot Natural Sale price$22.95
HPM038 Tumbler GlossHPM038 Tumbler Gloss
HPM038 Tumbler Gloss Sale price$34.95
HPB028 Creamer BlackHPB028 Creamer Black
HPB028 Creamer Black Sale price$34.95
HP038 Tumbler NaturalHP038 Tumbler Natural
HP038 Tumbler Natural Sale price$34.95
Nori Tumbler - BlackNori Tumbler - Black
Nori Tumbler - Black Sale price$18.95
Nori Tumbler - PinkNori Tumbler - Pink
Nori Tumbler - Pink Sale price$18.95
Nori Tumbler - WhiteNori Tumbler - White
Nori Tumbler - White Sale price$18.95
Organic Hojicha Loose Leaf Green TeaOrganic Hojicha Loose Leaf Green Tea
Save $6.96 Cacao Nibs - Casa BosquesCacao Nibs - Casa Bosques
Cacao Nibs - Casa Bosques Sale price$12.99 Regular price$19.95
Lychee Rose Dark Milk Chocolate - Fossa
Save $32.96 Sekki Coffee Pot - CreamSekki Coffee Pot - Cream
Sekki Coffee Pot - Cream Sale price$61.99 Regular price$94.95
HPW019 Mug WhiteHPW019 Mug White
HPW019 Mug White Sale price$34.95