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What sets Hasami Porcelain apart from over vessels is the sensation one gets when using these pieces. This organic feel serves to enhance the food and drink that they carry. Streamlined in appearance and free from decoration, each Hasami piece is stackable creating a beautiful harmony throughout the collection.  

Hasami Porcelain sets itself apart from the mass-produced, factory-made porcelain tableware found in other porcelain-producing regions around the world. Porcelain made in the Hasami village is original in the organic nature of its production and the unique character of each finished product.

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HPB019 Mug BlackHPB019 Mug Black
HPB019 Mug Black Sale price$27.00 USD
HPB020 Mug BlackHPB020 Mug Black
HPB020 Mug Black Sale price$30.00 USD
HPB021 Mug BlackHPB021 Mug Black
HPB021 Mug Black Sale price$32.00 USD
HPB028 Creamer BlackHPB028 Creamer Black
HPB028 Creamer Black Sale price$27.00 USD
Sold outHPB029 Bottle BlackHPB029 Bottle Black
HPB029 Bottle Black Sale price$54.00 USD
HPB030 Coffee Dripper BlackHPB030 Coffee Dripper Black
HPB030 Coffee Dripper Black Sale price$88.00 USD
HPB031 Round Bowl BlackHPB031 Round Bowl Black
HPB031 Round Bowl Black Sale price$27.00 USD
HPB032 Round Bowl BlackHPB032 Round Bowl Black
HPB032 Round Bowl Black Sale price$39.00 USD
HPB033 Round Bowl BlackHPB033 Round Bowl Black
HPB033 Round Bowl Black Sale price$51.00 USD
HPB037 Teapot Tall BlackHPB037 Teapot Tall Black
HPB037 Teapot Tall Black Sale price$76.00 USD
HPB038 Tumbler BlackHPB038 Tumbler Black
HPB038 Tumbler Black Sale price$27.00 USD
HPB045 Planter BlackHPB045 Planter Black
HPB045 Planter Black Sale price$66.00 USD
HPGLA Glass AmberHPGLA Glass Amber
HPGLA Glass Amber Sale price$13.00 USD
HPGLC Glass ClearHPGLC Glass Clear
HPGLC Glass Clear Sale price$13.00 USD
HPGLM Glass GreyHPGLM Glass Grey
HPGLM Glass Grey Sale price$13.00 USD
HPM001 Plate GlossHPM001 Plate Gloss
HPM001 Plate Gloss Sale price$10.00 USD
HPM002 Plate GlossHPM002 Plate Gloss
HPM002 Plate Gloss Sale price$18.00 USD
HPM003 Plate GlossHPM003 Plate Gloss
HPM003 Plate Gloss Sale price$27.00 USD
HPM004 Plate GlossHPM004 Plate Gloss
HPM004 Plate Gloss Sale price$39.00 USD
Sold outHPM005 Plate GlossHPM005 Plate Gloss
HPM005 Plate Gloss Sale price$59.00 USD
HPM008 Bowl GlossHPM008 Bowl Gloss
HPM008 Bowl Gloss Sale price$27.00 USD
HPM009 Bowl GlossHPM009 Bowl Gloss
HPM009 Bowl Gloss Sale price$39.00 USD
HPM010 Bowl GlossHPM010 Bowl Gloss
HPM010 Bowl Gloss Sale price$52.00 USD
HPM013 Tall Bowl GlossHPM013 Tall Bowl Gloss
HPM013 Tall Bowl Gloss Sale price$18.00 USD
HPM014 Tall Bowl GlossHPM014 Tall Bowl Gloss
HPM014 Tall Bowl Gloss Sale price$30.00 USD
HPM015 Tall Bowl GlossHPM015 Tall Bowl Gloss
HPM015 Tall Bowl Gloss Sale price$44.00 USD
Sold outHPM016 Tall Bowl GlossHPM016 Tall Bowl Gloss
HPM016 Tall Bowl Gloss Sale price$59.00 USD
HPM017 Sugar Pot GlossHPM017 Sugar Pot Gloss
HPM017 Sugar Pot Gloss Sale price$18.00 USD
Sold outHPM018 Teapot GlossHPM018 Teapot Gloss
HPM018 Teapot Gloss Sale price$88.00 USD
HPM019 Mug GlossHPM019 Mug Gloss
HPM019 Mug Gloss Sale price$27.00 USD
HPM020 Mug GlossHPM020 Mug Gloss
HPM020 Mug Gloss Sale price$30.00 USD
HPM021 Mug GlossHPM021 Mug Gloss
HPM021 Mug Gloss Sale price$32.00 USD
HPM028 Creamer GlossHPM028 Creamer Gloss
HPM028 Creamer Gloss Sale price$27.00 USD
Sold outHPM029 Bottle GlossHPM029 Bottle Gloss
HPM029 Bottle Gloss Sale price$54.00 USD
HPM030 Coffee Dripper GlossHPM030 Coffee Dripper Gloss
HPM030 Coffee Dripper Gloss Sale price$88.00 USD
HPM031 Round Bowl GlossHPM031 Round Bowl Gloss
HPM031 Round Bowl Gloss Sale price$27.00 USD
HPM032 Round Bowl GlossHPM032 Round Bowl Gloss
HPM032 Round Bowl Gloss Sale price$39.00 USD
HPM033 Round Bowl GlossHPM033 Round Bowl Gloss
HPM033 Round Bowl Gloss Sale price$51.00 USD
HPM037 Teapot Tall GlossHPM037 Teapot Tall Gloss
HPM037 Teapot Tall Gloss Sale price$76.00 USD
HPM038 Tumbler GlossHPM038 Tumbler Gloss
HPM038 Tumbler Gloss Sale price$27.00 USD
HPM045 Planter GlossHPM045 Planter Gloss
HPM045 Planter Gloss Sale price$66.00 USD