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Nothing makes a house a home more than a selection of air purifying plants. Our collection below is intended to give you the tools and knowledge needed to make your indoor garden thrive

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White Dustpan & BrushWhite Dustpan & Brush
White Dustpan & Brush Sale price$49.95
Dutch-Style Broom
Dutch-Style Broom Sale price$23.95
Orb Watering Can - BlackOrb Watering Can - Black
Orb Watering Can - Black Sale price$178.95
Orb Watering Can - CashmereOrb Watering Can - Cashmere
Orb Watering Can - Cashmere Sale price$178.95
Grib Toolbox - CashmereGrib Toolbox - Cashmere
Grib Toolbox - Cashmere Sale price$144.95
Grib Toolbox - BlackGrib Toolbox - Black
Grib Toolbox - Black Sale price$144.95
Save $32.96 Liba Watering Can - BlackLiba Watering Can - Black
Liba Watering Can - Black Sale price$61.99 Regular price$94.95
Garden Scissors Okubo - Rose GoldGarden Scissors Okubo - Rose Gold
Garden Scissors Okubo - SilverGarden Scissors Okubo - Silver
Garden Scissors Sentei - BlackGarden Scissors Sentei - Black