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Ferm Living

Life is full of contrasts. Based on a passion for authentic design and clear functionality, Copenhagen based Ferm living challenges themselves to shape the future - taking pride in creating products that help to balance the contrasts of life. Their unique collections of furniture, accessories and lighting help to create a space that feels comfortably you.

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Product type
Sector Rack Shelf - Oak/BrassSector Rack Shelf - Oak/Brass
Filo Table Lamp - Black/BlackFilo Table Lamp - Black/Black
Filo Table Lamp - Black/CashmereFilo Table Lamp - Black/Cashmere
Porti Braided Lamp - NaturalPorti Braided Lamp - Natural
Porti Braided Lamp - Natural Sale price$467.95
Ark Kids High Chair - AshArk Kids High Chair - Ash
Ark Kids High Chair - Ash Sale price$432.95
Level Side Table - CashmereLevel Side Table - Cashmere
Level Side Table - Cashmere Sale price$408.95
Hebe Lamp Base Medium - Off WhiteHebe Lamp Base Medium - Off White
Hebe Lamp Base Medium - Dark GreyHebe Lamp Base Medium - Dark Grey
Save $208.96 Tiny Floor Lamp - SteelTiny Floor Lamp - Steel
Tiny Floor Lamp - Steel Sale price$389.99 Regular price$598.95
Ruuvi Lamp - Blackened IronRuuvi Lamp - Blackened Iron
Ruuvi Lamp - Blackened Iron Sale price$365.95
Ruuvi Lamp - CashmereRuuvi Lamp - Cashmere
Ruuvi Lamp - Cashmere Sale price$365.95
Gry Table LampGry Table Lamp
Gry Table Lamp Sale price$361.95
Kurbis Lampshade 80 - NaturalKurbis Lampshade 80 - Natural
Curvature Wall Table - BrassCurvature Wall Table - Brass
Curvature Wall Table - Brass Sale price$360.95
Curvature Wall Table - Black BrassCurvature Wall Table - Black Brass
Vuelta Table Lamp - WhiteVuelta Table Lamp - White
Vuelta Table Lamp - White Sale price$358.95
Sold outCollect Dome Shade - CashmereCollect Dome Shade - Cashmere
Sold outLump Vase - ClearLump Vase - Clear
Lump Vase - Clear Sale price$333.95
Enkel Bin - CashmereEnkel Bin - Cashmere
Enkel Bin - Cashmere Sale price$332.95
Enkel Bin - BlackEnkel Bin - Black
Enkel Bin - Black Sale price$332.95
Pond Mirror Small - Dark ChromePond Mirror Small - Dark Chrome
Pond Mirror Small - BrassPond Mirror Small - Brass
Pond Mirror Small - Brass Sale price$314.95
Meridian Lamp - CashmereMeridian Lamp - Cashmere
Meridian Lamp - Cashmere Sale price$314.95
Meridian Lamp - BlackMeridian Lamp - Black
Meridian Lamp - Black Sale price$314.95
Dou Table LampDou Table Lamp
Dou Table Lamp Sale price$302.95
Hebe Lamp Shade Long - NaturalHebe Lamp Shade Long - Natural
Hebe Lamp Shade Long - CurryHebe Lamp Shade Long - Curry
Hebe Lamp Shade Long - Curry Sale price$299.95
Chess Cutting Board Large - RoundChess Cutting Board Large - Round
Vulca Vase Medium - Off WhiteVulca Vase Medium - Off White
Hebe Lamp Base Small - Dark Grey
Hebe Lamp Base Small - Off WhitepHebe Lamp Base Small - Off Whitep
Save $148.96 Damo Glass Centrepiece - ClearDamo Glass Centrepiece - Clear
Damo Glass Centrepiece - Clear Sale price$278.99 Regular price$427.95
Collect Record Shade - CashmereCollect Record Shade - Cashmere
Herman Laundry Stand - BlackHerman Laundry Stand - Black
Herman Laundry Stand - Black Sale price$264.95
Kurbis Lampshade 60 - NaturalKurbis Lampshade 60 - Natural
Moire Vase - Off WhiteMoire Vase - Off White
Moire Vase - Off White Sale price$238.95
Up Step Stool - Poppy RedUp Step Stool - Poppy Red
Up Step Stool - Poppy Red Sale price$238.95
Up Step Stool - CashmereUp Step Stool - Cashmere
Up Step Stool - Cashmere Sale price$238.95
Entwine Vase Large - Dark AmberEntwine Vase Large - Dark Amber
Save $125.22 Grotto PieceGrotto Piece
Grotto Piece Sale price$234.99 Regular price$360.21
Save $124.96 Tiny Table Lamp - SteelTiny Table Lamp - Steel
Tiny Table Lamp - Steel Sale price$233.99 Regular price$358.95
Fracture Shelf - Blackened AluminiumFracture Shelf - Blackened Aluminium
Petra Mortar - Quartz WhitePetra Mortar - Quartz White
Petra Mortar - Quartz White Sale price$214.95
Collect Cone Shade - CashmereCollect Cone Shade - Cashmere
Alza Bowl - BlackAlza Bowl - Black
Alza Bowl - Black Sale price$214.95
Hebe Lamp Shade Medium - CurryHebe Lamp Shade Medium - Curry
Hebe Lamp Shade Medium - NaturalHebe Lamp Shade Medium - Natural
Hebe Lamp Shade Short - NaturalHebe Lamp Shade Short - Natural