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A masterpiece of craftsmanship and functionality, this collection of teapots, handmade in Japan, is a testament to the country's rich tea culture and traditions. The pots are designed with a beautiful minimalist aesthetic, feature clean lines and a simple yet elegant shape.  

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Sold outChanoma Teapot Large - BlackChanoma Teapot Large - Black
Chanoma Teapot Large - Black Sale price$121.00 USD
Chanoma Teapot Large - TerracottaChanoma Teapot Large - Terracotta
Chanoma Teapot Large - Terracotta Sale price$121.00 USD
Sold outChanoma Teapot Large - IvoryChanoma Teapot Large - Ivory
Chanoma Teapot Large - Ivory Sale price$121.00 USD
Chanoma Teapot Medium - IvoryChanoma Teapot Medium - Ivory
Chanoma Teapot Medium - Ivory Sale price$106.00 USD
Chanoma Teapot Medium - TerracottaChanoma Teapot Medium - Terracotta
Sold outChanoma Teapot Medium - BlackChanoma Teapot Medium - Black
Chanoma Teapot Medium - Black Sale price$106.00 USD
Chanoma Teapot Small - BlackChanoma Teapot Small - Black
Chanoma Teapot Small - Black Sale price$95.00 USD
Chanoma Teapot Small - TerracottaChanoma Teapot Small - Terracotta
Chanoma Teapot Small - IvoryChanoma Teapot Small - Ivory
Chanoma Teapot Small - Ivory Sale price$95.00 USD
Chanoma Tea Cup - IvoryChanoma Tea Cup - Ivory
Chanoma Tea Cup - Ivory Sale price$33.00 USD
Chanoma Tea Cup - TerracottaChanoma Tea Cup - Terracotta
Chanoma Tea Cup - Terracotta Sale price$33.00 USD
Chanoma Teacup - BlackChanoma Teacup - Black
Chanoma Teacup - Black Sale price$33.00 USD