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Robert Herder Care Instructions

Care of Carbon Steel Blades

Over time, carbon steel blades gradually discolour from use and a dark patina forms. It is completely harmless and has no effect on how the knife functions.

However if you wish, the blade can be brightened with “Vienna chalk” or a scouring agent and a coarse sponge. This returns the blade nearly to its first shine.

Easy to Sharpen

A further advantage of this material is that it is very easy to resharpen. Although it is rarely necessary, in order to recover the first-cut-sharpness the blade only needs 2 or 3 strokes on a ceramic sharpening stick or a whetstone.

Cleaning of the Blades

For cleaning the blades, fine calcium carbon-ate powder, cigar ash, soap detergent or just a scrub sponge is recommended. These remove the dark oxidation surface from the blade, but note: it naturally will darken again.

It is better to leave the dark colour, as this is its ”working-colour“. The dark colour is comparable to the calluses on the hands of someone who has worked their whole life. The easiest thing is to rinse it under running water after use and to dry it carefully. This will reduce discolouration.

Care of Wooden Handles

Do not soak your wood handles in washing-up water. They are also not suitable for dishwashers as this would bleach and dry out the wood. The best cleaning method is under a running tap, holding the point of the blade downwards and quickly drying with a cloth thereafter. 

This grain and the different shades of colour are accentuated even more if you apply natural wood care oil from time to time.