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Gifts that make perfect scents

Our Fragrance Collection

It’s no secret that scent has the ability to transport. A gentle waft of a scented breeze can take us back to a specific moment in time. Scent enters the brain and heads straight to the limbic system - the region where emotion and memory reside. Therefore creating a daily ritual of dispersing scent in your environment can act as a meditative way to connect with the present moment. Whether you plan to burn incense, light a candle or diffuse essential oils this simple act sets the stage for a moment of calm.

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Product type
Bodha Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow - NaturalBodha Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow - Natural
Bodha Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow - BlushBodha Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow - Blush
Save $32.96 Holy Ficus Candle - D.S. & DurgaHoly Ficus Candle - D.S. & Durga
Holy Ficus Candle - D.S. & Durga Sale price$61.99 Regular price$94.95
Vibration Scent Sampler - BodhaVibration Scent Sampler - Bodha
Bodha Ritual Brass Incense Holder - WellBodha Ritual Brass Incense Holder - Well
Bodha Ritual Brass Incense Holder - PlinthBodha Ritual Brass Incense Holder - Plinth
Tuck Scented Candle - Red BrownTuck Scented Candle - Red Brown
Tuck Scented Candle - CashmereTuck Scented Candle - Cashmere
Ura Scented Candle - Red SiennaUra Scented Candle - Red Sienna
Ura Scented Candle - Pale SiennaUra Scented Candle - Pale Sienna
Ura Scented Candle - Burned SiennaUra Scented Candle - Burned Sienna
Save $27.96 Bodha Aromatherapy Cashmere Eye-Pillow - MidnightBodha Aromatherapy Cashmere Eye-Pillow - Midnight
Bodha Aromatherapy Cashmere Eye-Pillow - Midnight Sale price$53.99 Regular price$81.95
Save $27.96 Bodha Aromatherapy Cashmere Eye-Pillow - CamelBodha Aromatherapy Cashmere Eye-Pillow - Camel
Bodha Aromatherapy Cashmere Eye-Pillow - Camel Sale price$53.99 Regular price$81.95
Ritual Diffuser Oil - CalmRitual Diffuser Oil - Calm
Ritual Diffuser Oil - Calm Sale price$53.95
Ritual Diffuser Oil - RefreshRitual Diffuser Oil - Refresh
Tetsukon Incense - ElemenseTetsukon Incense - Elemense
Tetsukon Incense - Elemense Sale price$49.95
Sekishin Incense - ElemenseSekishin Incense - Elemense
Sekishin Incense - Elemense Sale price$49.95
Nukubai Incense - ElemenseNukubai Incense - Elemense
Nukubai Incense - Elemense Sale price$49.95
Kiyobi Incense - ElemenseKiyobi Incense - Elemense
Kiyobi Incense - Elemense Sale price$49.95
Suou Incense - ElemenseSuou Incense - Elemense
Suou Incense - Elemense Sale price$49.95
Kikka Senko Mosquito Coil IncenseKikka Senko Mosquito Coil Incense
Bodha Smokeless Organic Incense - CalmBodha Smokeless Organic Incense - Calm
Bodha Smokeless Organic Incense - PurifyBodha Smokeless Organic Incense - Purify
Bodha Smokeless Organic Incense - RefreshBodha Smokeless Organic Incense - Refresh
Bodha Smokeless Organic Incense - GroundBodha Smokeless Organic Incense - Ground
HA KO Paper Incense - Incense Mat SetHA KO Paper Incense - Incense Mat Set
Hibi Incense - Japanese Fragrance Gift BoxHibi Incense - Japanese Fragrance Gift Box
Sold outHibi Incense - Deep Fragrance Gift BoxHibi Incense - Deep Fragrance Gift Box
Acorn Brass Incense Holder - ElemenseAcorn Brass Incense Holder - Elemense
Stone Matchbox Cover - BrassStone Matchbox Cover - Brass
Japanese Brass Ball Incense HolderJapanese Brass Ball Incense Holder
Japanese Blackened Brass Ball Incense HolderJapanese Blackened Brass Ball Incense Holder
Hibi Incense - YuzuHibi Incense - Yuzu
Hibi Incense - Yuzu Sale price$13.95
Hibi Deep Incense - AmbergrisHibi Deep Incense - Ambergris
Hibi Deep Incense - CedarwoodHibi Deep Incense - Cedarwood
Hibi Deep Incense - Oak MossHibi Deep Incense - Oak Moss
Hibi Incense - GeraniumHibi Incense - Geranium
Hibi Incense - Geranium Sale price$13.95
Hibi Incense - Japanese CypressHibi Incense - Japanese Cypress
Hibi Incense - LavenderHibi Incense - Lavender
Hibi Incense - Lavender Sale price$13.95
Hibi Incense - LemongrassHibi Incense - Lemongrass
Hibi Incense - Lemongrass Sale price$13.95
Hibi Incense - SandalwoodHibi Incense - Sandalwood
Hibi Incense - Sandalwood Sale price$13.95
Hibi Incense - Ylang YlangHibi Incense - Ylang Ylang
Hibi Incense - Ylang Ylang Sale price$13.95
Papier d'Armenie
Papier d'Armenie Sale price$11.95