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New Arrivals

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Sold outPistachio Cannoli CandlePistachio Cannoli Candle
Pistachio Cannoli Candle Sale price$15.00 USD
Sold outZeppola CandleZeppola Candle
Zeppola Candle Sale price$15.00 USD
Sold outCornetto CandleCornetto Candle
Cornetto Candle Sale price$15.00 USD
Sold outBignè Lungo CandleBignè Lungo Candle
Bignè Lungo Candle Sale price$15.00 USD
Babà Napoletano CandleBabà Napoletano Candle
Babà Napoletano Candle Sale price$15.00 USD
Sfogliatella CandleSfogliatella Candle
Sfogliatella Candle Sale price$15.00 USD
Cassata Mini CandleCassata Mini Candle
Cassata Mini Candle Sale price$15.00 USD
Sold outCannoli CandleCannoli Candle
Cannoli Candle Sale price$15.00 USD
Mini Chocolate Budino CandleMini Chocolate Budino Candle
Mini Chocolate Budino Candle Sale price$15.00 USD
Sold outMini Vanilla Budino CandleMini Vanilla Budino Candle
Mini Vanilla Budino Candle Sale price$15.00 USD
Sold outSlice of Pink Cake CandleSlice of Pink Cake Candle
Slice of Pink Cake Candle Sale price$25.00 USD
Cult Sando
Cult Sando Sale price$23.00 USD
Arum Swivel Wall Lamp Tall - CashmereArum Swivel Wall Lamp Tall - Cashmere
Arum Swivel Wall Lamp Tall - BlackArum Swivel Wall Lamp Tall - Black
Mosquito Repellant Incense Coil HolderMosquito Repellant Incense Coil Holder
Nicola L.: Life and Art
Nicola L.: Life and Art Sale price$86.00 USD
Apartamento Issue - 31
Apartamento Issue - 31 Sale price$29.00 USD
Feve Coffee Table - WalnutFeve Coffee Table - Walnut
Feve Coffee Table - Walnut Sale price$1,719.00 USD
Vault Side Table - CashmereVault Side Table - Cashmere
Vault Side Table - Cashmere Sale price$676.00 USD
Vault Side Table - BlackVault Side Table - Black
Vault Side Table - Black Sale price$676.00 USD
Curvature Wall Table - BrassCurvature Wall Table - Brass
Curvature Wall Table - Brass Sale price$271.00 USD
Curvature Wall Table - Black BrassCurvature Wall Table - Black Brass
Poem Table Lamp - White/CashmerePoem Table Lamp - White/Cashmere
Poem Table Lamp - White/Cashmere Sale price$361.00 USD
Poem Table Lamp - White/Grass GreenPoem Table Lamp - White/Grass Green
Porti Braided Lamp - NaturalPorti Braided Lamp - Natural
Porti Braided Lamp - Natural Sale price$352.00 USD
Lump Vase - ClearLump Vase - Clear
Lump Vase - Clear Sale price$251.00 USD
Damo Glass Centrepiece - ClearDamo Glass Centrepiece - Clear
Damo Glass Centrepiece - Clear Sale price$322.00 USD
Grotto PieceGrotto Piece
Grotto Piece Sale price$271.00 USD
Oli Dessert Cup - AmberOli Dessert Cup - Amber
Oli Dessert Cup - Amber Sale price$30.00 USD
Oli Water Glass Low - AmberOli Water Glass Low - Amber
Oli Water Glass Low - Amber Sale price$20.00 USD
Sold outOli Water Glass Tall - AmberOli Water Glass Tall - Amber
Oli Water Glass Tall - Amber Sale price$26.00 USD
Oli Wine Glass - AmberOli Wine Glass - Amber
Oli Wine Glass - Amber Sale price$30.00 USD
Oli Champagne Flute - AmberOli Champagne Flute - Amber
Oli Champagne Flute - Amber Sale price$30.00 USD
Oli Jug - AmberOli Jug - Amber
Oli Jug - Amber Sale price$56.00 USD
Serena Cup - Off-whiteSerena Cup - Off-white
Serena Cup - Off-white Sale price$41.00 USD
Enkel Bin - CashmereEnkel Bin - Cashmere
Enkel Bin - Cashmere Sale price$250.00 USD
Serre Cutlery Rest - Set of 4 Off-whiteSerre Cutlery Rest - Set of 4 Off-white
Serre Cutlery Rest - Set of 4 Moss GreenSerre Cutlery Rest - Set of 4 Moss Green
Giant Mushroom CandleGiant Mushroom Candle
Giant Mushroom Candle Sale price$36.00 USD
Sold outGruyere CandleGruyere Candle
Gruyere Candle Sale price$30.00 USD
Sold outFried Egg CandleFried Egg Candle
Fried Egg Candle Sale price$17.00 USD
Sold outSandwich CandleSandwich Candle
Sandwich Candle Sale price$18.00 USD
Sold outBaguette CandleBaguette Candle
Baguette Candle Sale price$25.00 USD
Chef CandleChef Candle
Chef Candle Sale price$36.00 USD
Salami CandleSalami Candle
Salami Candle Sale price$21.00 USD
Sold outHot Dog CandleHot Dog Candle
Hot Dog Candle Sale price$33.00 USD
Spaghetti Dish CandleSpaghetti Dish Candle
Spaghetti Dish Candle Sale price$46.00 USD
Pear CandlePear Candle
Pear Candle Sale price$19.00 USD