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Arum Swivel Wall Lamp Tall - BlackArum Swivel Wall Lamp Tall - Black
Arum Swivel Wall Lamp Tall - CashmereArum Swivel Wall Lamp Tall - Cashmere
Porti Braided Lamp - NaturalPorti Braided Lamp - Natural
Porti Braided Lamp - Natural Sale price$467.95
Dou Table LampDou Table Lamp
Dou Table Lamp Sale price$302.95
Ancora Floor Lamp - Black / NaturalAncora Floor Lamp - Black / Natural
Ancora Wall Lamp 100 - Black / NaturalAncora Wall Lamp 100 - Black / Natural
Setago Portable Table Lamp - Maroon/GrapeSetago Portable Table Lamp - Maroon/Grape
Ruuvi Lamp - CashmereRuuvi Lamp - Cashmere
Ruuvi Lamp - Cashmere Sale price$365.95
Ruuvi Lamp - Blackened IronRuuvi Lamp - Blackened Iron
Ruuvi Lamp - Blackened Iron Sale price$365.95
Kurbis Lampshade 40 - NaturalKurbis Lampshade 40 - Natural
Kurbis Lampshade 60 - NaturalKurbis Lampshade 60 - Natural
Kurbis Lampshade 80 - NaturalKurbis Lampshade 80 - Natural
Hashira Pendant- Small- RawHashira Pendant- Small- Raw
Hashira Pendant- Small- Raw Sale price$606.95
Reverse Table LampReverse Table Lamp
Reverse Table Lamp Sale price$1,018.95
Sold outHashira Table Lamp- RawHashira Table Lamp- Raw
Hashira Table Lamp- Raw Sale price$693.95
JWDA Table Lamp- Bronzed BrassJWDA Table Lamp- Bronzed Brass
JWDA Table Lamp- ConcreteJWDA Table Lamp- Concrete
JWDA Table Lamp- Concrete Sale price$387.95
JWDA Table Lamp- White Marble CarraraJWDA Table Lamp- White Marble Carrara
Carrie Table Lamp- Burned RedCarrie Table Lamp- Burned Red
Column Portable Table Lamp- AluminiumColumn Portable Table Lamp- Aluminium
Hashira Portable Lamp- RawHashira Portable Lamp- Raw
Hashira Portable Lamp- Raw Sale price$306.95
Torso Table Lamp Portable SandTorso Table Lamp Portable Sand
Sold outRay Portable Lamp- BlackRay Portable Lamp- Black
Ray Portable Lamp- Black Sale price$431.95
Ray Portable Lamp- Dusty GreenRay Portable Lamp- Dusty Green
Duca Candleholder- Bronzed BrassDuca Candleholder- Bronzed Brass
Flambeau Candleholder- 13in- Grey/Bronzed BrassFlambeau Candleholder- 13in- Grey/Bronzed Brass
Flambeau Candleholder- 16in- Grey/Bronzed BrassFlambeau Candleholder- 16in- Grey/Bronzed Brass
Flambeau Table Candleholder- 11.8in- Grey/Bronzed BrassFlambeau Table Candleholder- 11.8in- Grey/Bronzed Brass
Flambeau Table Candleholder- 13.4in- Grey/Bronzed BrassFlambeau Table Candleholder- 13.4in- Grey/Bronzed Brass
Aer Vase- 7.5 inAer Vase- 7.5 in
Aer Vase- 7.5 in Sale price$181.95
Aer Vase - 13 inAer Vase - 13 in
Aer Vase - 13 in Sale price$343.95
Aer BowlAer Bowl
Aer Bowl Sale price$275.95
Rond BowlRond Bowl
Rond Bowl Sale price$587.95
Divot TrayDivot Tray
Divot Tray Sale price$281.95
Sentiment PaperweightSentiment Paperweight
Sentiment Paperweight Sale price$187.95
Ceramic Bottle Grinder- Set of 2- SandCeramic Bottle Grinder- Set of 2- Sand
Bottle Grinder- Set of 2- Carbon/Ash BeechBottle Grinder- Set of 2- Carbon/Ash Beech
Bottle Grinder- Set of 2- Carbon/Ash WalnutBottle Grinder- Set of 2- Carbon/Ash Walnut
Bottle Grinder- Set of 2- Barley WalnutBottle Grinder- Set of 2- Barley Walnut
Bottle Grinder, Small- Set of 2- Carbon/Ash BeechBottle Grinder, Small- Set of 2- Carbon/Ash Beech
Sold outCarrie Table Lamp- Bronzed Brass/LeatherCarrie Table Lamp- Bronzed Brass/Leather
JWDA Portable Table Lamp- BlackJWDA Portable Table Lamp- Black
Sold outJWDA Portable Table Lamp- Dusty GreenJWDA Portable Table Lamp- Dusty Green
Oyster Table Lamp - BlackOyster Table Lamp - Black
Oyster Table Lamp - Black Sale price$598.95
Oyster Wall Lamp - BlackOyster Wall Lamp - Black
Oyster Wall Lamp - Black Sale price$964.95
Filo Table Lamp - Black/CashmereFilo Table Lamp - Black/Cashmere
Filo Table Lamp - Black/BlackFilo Table Lamp - Black/Black
Collect Pendant Low - CashmereCollect Pendant Low - Cashmere