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With a seemingly infinite range of expressions, Ferm Living's innovative and interchangeable lighting system allows you to create customised modern looks for every room in the house. 

Direct and focus the light where you want it. Choose between cashmere powder coated iron shades in a multitude of shapes for directional light or mouth-blown opal glass globes for 360° of illumination. Pair your shade with one of the Collect Pendants complete with 3 meters of cord allowing for quick installation in a variety of applications.

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Collect Cone Shade - CashmereCollect Cone Shade - Cashmere
Collect Cone Shade - Cashmere Sale price$162.00 USD
Collect Disc Shade - CashmereCollect Disc Shade - Cashmere
Collect Disc Shade - Cashmere Sale price$90.00 USD
Collect Dome Shade - CashmereCollect Dome Shade - Cashmere
Collect Dome Shade - Cashmere Sale price$270.00 USD
Collect Hoop Shade - CashmereCollect Hoop Shade - Cashmere
Collect Hoop Shade - Cashmere Sale price$109.00 USD
Collect Opal Shade Sphere - Southern MossCollect Opal Shade Sphere - Southern Moss
Collect Opal Shade Sphere - WhiteCollect Opal Shade Sphere - White
Collect Opal Shade Sphere - White Sale price$177.00 USD
Collect Opal Shade Tall - Southern MossCollect Opal Shade Tall - Southern Moss
Collect Opal Shade Tall - WhiteCollect Opal Shade Tall - White
Collect Opal Shade Tall - White Sale price$196.00 USD
Collect Pendant High - CashmereCollect Pendant High - Cashmere
Collect Pendant High - Cashmere Sale price$135.00 USD
Collect Pendant Low - CashmereCollect Pendant Low - Cashmere
Collect Pendant Low - Cashmere Sale price$124.00 USD
Collect Record Shade - CashmereCollect Record Shade - Cashmere
Collect Record Shade - Cashmere Sale price$199.00 USD