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Kinto, a Japanese based brand, designs products that are both beautiful and useful. Their attitude is that life is to be savoured - and their products are made to aid in that. Their wish is that with slow coffee pour over methods and al fresco dinnerware that you might spend time with close family and friends and invite creativity and thoughtfulness into your life. 

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Product type
SCS-S02 Brew StandSCS-S02 Brew Stand
SCS-S02 Brew Stand Sale price$263.95
Kakomi IH Donabe 2.5L - BlackKakomi IH Donabe 2.5L - Black
Kakomi IH Donabe 2.5L - WhiteKakomi IH Donabe 2.5L - White
4 Cup Brewer Stand Set4 Cup Brewer Stand Set
4 Cup Brewer Stand Set Sale price$219.95
Pour Over Kettle - Matte BlackPour Over Kettle - Matte Black
Pour Over Kettle - Matte WhitePour Over Kettle - Matte White
Kakomi IH Donabe 1.2L - WhiteKakomi IH Donabe 1.2L - White
Kakomi IH Donabe 1.2L - BlackKakomi IH Donabe 1.2L - Black
Rice Cooker - WhiteRice Cooker - White
Rice Cooker - White Sale price$104.95
Rice Cooker - BlackRice Cooker - Black
Rice Cooker - Black Sale price$104.95
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml BlackCLK-151 Teapot 500ml Black
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml Black Sale price$97.95
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml BeigeCLK-151 Teapot 500ml Beige
CLK-151 Teapot 500ml Beige Sale price$97.95
CLK-151 Bowl 220mm - WhiteCLK-151 Bowl 220mm - White
CLK-151 Bowl 220mm - White Sale price$88.95
CLK-151 Bowl 220mm - BeigeCLK-151 Bowl 220mm - Beige
CLK-151 Bowl 220mm - Beige Sale price$88.95
CLK-151 Bowl 220mm - BlackCLK-151 Bowl 220mm - Black
CLK-151 Bowl 220mm - Black Sale price$88.95
CLK-211 Cutlery Holder 75mm BlackCLK-211 Cutlery Holder 75mm Black
CLK-211 Cutlery Holder 75mm WhiteCLK-211 Cutlery Holder 75mm White
Trail Tumbler 1080ml - BlackTrail Tumbler 1080ml - Black
Trail Tumbler 1080ml - Ash GreenTrail Tumbler 1080ml - Ash Green
Trail Tumbler 1080ml - Sand BeigeTrail Tumbler 1080ml - Sand Beige
Trail Tumbler 1080ml - WhiteTrail Tumbler 1080ml - White
SCS Coffee Carafe 4 CupsSCS Coffee Carafe 4 Cups
SCS Coffee Carafe 4 Cups Sale price$70.95
Active Tumbler 800 ML - SandActive Tumbler 800 ML - Sand
Active Tumbler 800 ML - WhiteActive Tumbler 800 ML - White
Active Tumbler 800 ML - BlackActive Tumbler 800 ML - Black
TERRA Deep Plate 230mm - BlackTERRA Deep Plate 230mm - Black
TERRA Deep Plate 230mm - BeigeTERRA Deep Plate 230mm - Beige
Cast Amber Jug 1.2LCast Amber Jug 1.2L
Cast Amber Jug 1.2L Sale price$64.95
CLK-151 Large Plate - BeigeCLK-151 Large Plate - Beige
CLK-151 Large Plate - Beige Sale price$64.95
Trail Tumbler 580ml - BlackTrail Tumbler 580ml - Black
Trail Tumbler 580ml - Black Sale price$61.95
Trail Tumbler 580ml - Ash GreenTrail Tumbler 580ml - Ash Green
Trail Tumbler 580ml - Sand BeigeTrail Tumbler 580ml - Sand Beige
Trail Tumbler 580ml - WhiteTrail Tumbler 580ml - White
Trail Tumbler 580ml - White Sale price$61.95
Cast Amber Jug 750mlCast Amber Jug 750ml
Cast Amber Jug 750ml Sale price$61.95
CLK-151 Large Plate - BlackCLK-151 Large Plate - Black
CLK-151 Large Plate - Black Sale price$61.95
CLK-151 Large Plate - WhiteCLK-151 Large Plate - White
CLK-151 Large Plate - White Sale price$61.95
CLK-211 Canister 650ml - BlackCLK-211 Canister 650ml - Black
CLK-211 Canister 650ml - WhiteCLK-211 Canister 650ml - White
Active Tumbler 600 ML - Ash PinkActive Tumbler 600 ML - Ash Pink
Active Tumbler 600 ML - Blue GrayActive Tumbler 600 ML - Blue Gray
Active Tumbler 600 ML - SandActive Tumbler 600 ML - Sand
Active Tumbler 600 ML - BlackActive Tumbler 600 ML - Black
Active Tumbler 600 ML - WhiteActive Tumbler 600 ML - White
360ml To Go Tumbler with Plug - Pink360ml To Go Tumbler with Plug - Pink
360ml To Go Tumbler with Plug - Khaki360ml To Go Tumbler with Plug - Khaki
360ml To Go Tumbler with Plug - Black360ml To Go Tumbler with Plug - Black
360ml To Go Tumbler with Plug - White360ml To Go Tumbler with Plug - White
TERRA Bowl 190mm - BeigeTERRA Bowl 190mm - Beige
TERRA Bowl 190mm - Beige Sale price$54.32