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Ferm Living

Life is full of contrasts. Based on a passion for authentic design and clear functionality, Copenhagen based Ferm living challenges themselves to shape the future - taking pride in creating products that help to balance the contrasts of life. Their unique collections of furniture, accessories and lighting help to create a space that feels comfortably you.

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Product type
Serre Cutlery Rest - Set of 4 Off-whiteSerre Cutlery Rest - Set of 4 Off-white
Serre Cutlery Rest - Set of 4 Moss GreenSerre Cutlery Rest - Set of 4 Moss Green
Floccula Wine Glass - SoilFloccula Wine Glass - Soil
Floccula Wine Glass - Soil Sale price$38.00 USD
Floccula Wine Glass - GreenFloccula Wine Glass - Green
Floccula Wine Glass - Green Sale price$38.00 USD
Still Mug Set of 2 - Smoked Grey
Still Mug Set of 2 - ClearStill Mug Set of 2 - Clear
Still Mug Set of 2 - Clear Sale price$38.00 USD
Sold outStill Glasses Set of 2 - ClearStill Glasses Set of 2 - Clear
Still Glasses Set of 2 - Clear Sale price$38.00 USD
Sekki Milk Jar - CreamSekki Milk Jar - Cream
Sekki Milk Jar - Cream Sale price$38.00 USD
Sekki Coffee Dripper - CreamSekki Coffee Dripper - Cream
Sekki Coffee Dripper - Cream Sale price$38.00 USD
Flow Breakfast Plate - BlackFlow Breakfast Plate - Black
Flow Breakfast Plate - Black Sale price$38.00 USD
Sold outFlow Jar with Spoon - BlackFlow Jar with Spoon - Black
Flow Jar with Spoon - Black Sale price$38.00 USD
Flow Plate Medium - BlackFlow Plate Medium - Black
Flow Plate Medium - Black Sale price$38.00 USD
Doodle Ornaments - Set of 2 - Off-WhiteDoodle Ornaments - Set of 2 - Off-White
Bon Accessories Large Container - BlackBon Accessories Large Container - Black
Oli Wine Glass - AmberOli Wine Glass - Amber
Oli Wine Glass - Amber Sale price$30.00 USD
Oli Champagne Flute - AmberOli Champagne Flute - Amber
Oli Champagne Flute - Amber Sale price$30.00 USD
Hale Oven Mitt - RoseHale Oven Mitt - Rose
Hale Oven Mitt - Rose Sale price$30.00 USD
Hale Oven Mitt - GreenHale Oven Mitt - Green
Hale Oven Mitt - Green Sale price$30.00 USD
Hale Oven Mitt - SandHale Oven Mitt - Sand
Hale Oven Mitt - Sand Sale price$30.00 USD
Sekki Plate Small - CreamSekki Plate Small - Cream
Sekki Plate Small - Cream Sale price$30.00 USD
Oli Dessert Cup - AmberOli Dessert Cup - Amber
Oli Dessert Cup - Amber Sale price$30.00 USD
Scented Calendar Candle - WhiteScented Calendar Candle - White
Scented Calendar Candle - White Sale price$28.00 USD
Scented Calendar Candle - BlackScented Calendar Candle - Black
Scented Calendar Candle - Black Sale price$28.00 USD
Christm.Glass Ornam. Lines Set of 4 Red BrownChristm.Glass Ornam. Lines Set of 4 Red Brown
Glass Ornaments  Lines - Set of 4 - GreenGlass Ornaments  Lines - Set of 4 - Green
Sold outCeramic Soap Tray - Off WhiteCeramic Soap Tray - Off White
Ceramic Soap Tray - Off White Sale price$27.00 USD
Sold outCeramic Soap Tray - CashmereCeramic Soap Tray - Cashmere
Ceramic Soap Tray - Cashmere Sale price$27.00 USD
Bon Accessories Small Container - BlackBon Accessories Small Container - Black
Fein Bottle Opener - BrassFein Bottle Opener - Brass
Fein Bottle Opener - Brass Sale price$27.00 USD
Fein Bottle Opener - Black BrassFein Bottle Opener - Black Brass
Sekki Bowl Small - CreamSekki Bowl Small - Cream
Sekki Bowl Small - Cream Sale price$27.00 USD
Flow Bowl Medium - BlackFlow Bowl Medium - Black
Flow Bowl Medium - Black Sale price$27.00 USD
Sold outFlow Mug - BlackFlow Mug - Black
Flow Mug - Black Sale price$27.00 USD
Flow Plate Small - BlackFlow Plate Small - Black
Flow Plate Small - Black Sale price$27.00 USD
Stone Matchbox Cover - BrassStone Matchbox Cover - Brass
Stone Matchbox Cover - Brass Sale price$27.00 USD
Sold outOli Water Glass Tall - AmberOli Water Glass Tall - Amber
Oli Water Glass Tall - Amber Sale price$26.00 USD
Sold outBon Accessories Soap Tray - SandBon Accessories Soap Tray - Sand
Sold outBon Accessories Ceramic Tray - BlackBon Accessories Ceramic Tray - Black
Sekki Mug - CreamSekki Mug - Cream
Sekki Mug - Cream Sale price$22.00 USD
Oli Water Glass Low - AmberOli Water Glass Low - Amber
Oli Water Glass Low - Amber Sale price$20.00 USD
Ary Mini Vase M - CharcoalAry Mini Vase M - Charcoal
Ary Mini Vase M - Charcoal Sale price$19.00 USD
Sold outAry Mini Vase L - SandAry Mini Vase L - Sand
Ary Mini Vase L - Sand Sale price$19.00 USD
Sekki Salt Jar - CreamSekki Salt Jar - Cream
Sekki Salt Jar - Cream Sale price$19.00 USD
Sekki Cup Large - CreamSekki Cup Large - Cream
Sekki Cup Large - Cream Sale price$19.00 USD
Flow Bowl Small - BlackFlow Bowl Small - Black
Flow Bowl Small - Black Sale price$19.00 USD
Sold outVulca Vase Mini - Off-WhiteVulca Vase Mini - Off-White
Vulca Vase Mini - Off-White Sale price$19.00 USD
Sold outVulca Vase Mini - Metallic CoralVulca Vase Mini - Metallic Coral
Sold outVulca Vase Mini - Grey DotsVulca Vase Mini - Grey Dots
Vulca Vase Mini - Grey Dots Sale price$19.00 USD