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Mindful Inspiration

Mindful Inspiration

Staying calm and focused is often easier said than done as the trappings of modern life can quickly take a toll. A good book is often a great place to start for insightful tips and ideas to incorporate into our daily rituals. In fact, the shear act of reading alone should be a daily ritual employed in order to nourish the mind, Pore over a volume from our collection below to keep you on the right path.

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Save $11.00Simplicity at Home
Simplicity at Home Sale price$21.00 USD Regular price$32.00 USD
Onsen of Japan
Onsen of Japan Sale price$29.00 USD
How to Make Work Not Suck
How to Make Work Not Suck Sale price$21.00 USD
Mindfulness Travel Japan
Mindfulness Travel Japan Sale price$29.00 USD
Feng Shui Modern
Feng Shui Modern Sale price$25.00 USD
I Didn't Do the Thing Today
I Didn't Do the Thing Today Sale price$28.00 USD
Save $5.00Spoon-Fed
Spoon-Fed Sale price$12.00 USD Regular price$17.00 USD
The Beauty of Everyday Things - Soetsu Yanagi
Moon Lists
Moon Lists Sale price$16.00 USD
Calm - School of Life
Calm - School of Life Sale price$23.00 USD