Comfortable, Familiar and Portable


The Nychair, produced in Japan since 1970, has been loved and admired the world over. Its simple, beautiful and functional design has earned it accolades and awards. Minimialist in design the chair can be easily folded and transported from room to room, brought to an outside patio or easily tucked away when space is needed in tighter quarters. 


Ergonomically Designed for Comfort

The height of the seat, angle of the backrest and position of the elbow rests are set to maximize the ergonomics of the body to provide the most comfort. It perfectly envelops and supports the body.

Crafted from top-grade Kurashiki sailcloth in a factory producing the canvas material since 1888 - the seat cover is durable and can easily support the user's weight and the structure of the chair. Moreover, the seat cover is removable for cleaning and does not create static electricity.