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Our Valentine's Day Collection

Embrace the spirit of love and romance with our Valentine's Day Collection. From charming tokens of affection to timeless expressions of adoration, each handpicked item is designed to captivate hearts and inspire meaningful connections. Whether you're celebrating a cherished bond or expressing newfound affection, our curated selection offers the perfect way to convey your sentiments with style and grace. Explore our collection today and make this Valentine's Day truly unforgettable.

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Product type
Carrie Table Lamp- Bronzed Brass/LeatherCarrie Table Lamp- Bronzed Brass/Leather
Ray Portable Lamp- BlackRay Portable Lamp- Black
Ray Portable Lamp- Black Sale price$431.95
Hashira Portable Lamp- RawHashira Portable Lamp- Raw
Hashira Portable Lamp- Raw Sale price$306.95
Orris - LA DÉESSE Sale price$34.95
Orris - LE NOMADE Sale price$34.95
1oz Stay Desensitizing Spray - Maude1oz Stay Desensitizing Spray - Maude
Deluxe Box Set - D.S. & DurgaDeluxe Box Set - D.S. & Durga
Ancora Floor Lamp - Black / NaturalAncora Floor Lamp - Black / Natural
Host Water Glasses Set of 2 - Moss GreenHost Water Glasses Set of 2 - Moss Green
Host Red Wine Glasses Set of 2 - Moss GreenHost Red Wine Glasses Set of 2 - Moss Green
Deep Dark Vanilla 50ml - D.S. & DurgaDeep Dark Vanilla 50ml - D.S. & Durga
Kitchen Knife Medium - Sori YanagiKitchen Knife Medium - Sori Yanagi
Kitchen Knife Small - Sori YanagiKitchen Knife Small - Sori Yanagi
Erode Candle Holder - BlackErode Candle Holder - Black
Erode Candle Holder - Black Sale price$178.95
JWDA Portable Table Lamp- Dusty GreenJWDA Portable Table Lamp- Dusty Green
Bottle Grinder- Set of 2- Barley WalnutBottle Grinder- Set of 2- Barley Walnut
Bottle Grinder- Set of 2- Carbon/Ash WalnutBottle Grinder- Set of 2- Carbon/Ash Walnut
Bottle Grinder- Set of 2- Carbon/Ash BeechBottle Grinder- Set of 2- Carbon/Ash Beech
Ceramic Bottle Grinder- Set of 2- SandCeramic Bottle Grinder- Set of 2- Sand
Sentiment PaperweightSentiment Paperweight
Sentiment Paperweight Sale price$187.95
Rond BowlRond Bowl
Rond Bowl Sale price$587.95
Aer BowlAer Bowl
Aer Bowl Sale price$275.95
Aer Vase - 13 inAer Vase - 13 in
Aer Vase - 13 in Sale price$343.95
Flambeau Table Candleholder- 13.4in- Grey/Bronzed BrassFlambeau Table Candleholder- 13.4in- Grey/Bronzed Brass
Flambeau Table Candleholder- 11.8in- Grey/Bronzed BrassFlambeau Table Candleholder- 11.8in- Grey/Bronzed Brass
Flambeau Candleholder- 16in- Grey/Bronzed BrassFlambeau Candleholder- 16in- Grey/Bronzed Brass
Flambeau Candleholder- 13in- Grey/Bronzed BrassFlambeau Candleholder- 13in- Grey/Bronzed Brass
Duca Candleholder- Bronzed BrassDuca Candleholder- Bronzed Brass
Ray Portable Lamp- Dusty GreenRay Portable Lamp- Dusty Green
Torso Table Lamp Portable SandTorso Table Lamp Portable Sand
Column Portable Table Lamp- AluminiumColumn Portable Table Lamp- Aluminium
Carrie Table Lamp- Burned RedCarrie Table Lamp- Burned Red
JWDA Table Lamp- White Marble CarraraJWDA Table Lamp- White Marble Carrara
JWDA Table Lamp- ConcreteJWDA Table Lamp- Concrete
JWDA Table Lamp- Concrete Sale price$387.95
JWDA Table Lamp- Bronzed BrassJWDA Table Lamp- Bronzed Brass
Hashira Table Lamp- RawHashira Table Lamp- Raw
Hashira Table Lamp- Raw Sale price$693.95
Reverse Table LampReverse Table Lamp
Reverse Table Lamp Sale price$1,018.95
Hashira Pendant- Small- RawHashira Pendant- Small- Raw
Hashira Pendant- Small- Raw Sale price$606.95
Orris - LE QUARTET Sale price$124.95
Spice Grinder White - Iris HantverkSpice Grinder White - Iris Hantverk
Ancora Wall Lamp 100 - Black / NaturalAncora Wall Lamp 100 - Black / Natural
Lava Hand Mirror - Blackened AluminiumLava Hand Mirror - Blackened Aluminium