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Our Valentine's Day Collection

Embrace the spirit of love and romance with our Valentine's Day Collection. From charming tokens of affection to timeless expressions of adoration, each handpicked item is designed to captivate hearts and inspire meaningful connections. Whether you're celebrating a cherished bond or expressing newfound affection, our curated selection offers the perfect way to convey your sentiments with style and grace. Explore our collection today and make this Valentine's Day truly unforgettable.

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Product type
Boricha Tea Soap - Binu BinuBoricha Tea Soap - Binu Binu
Nori Large Bowl - PinkNori Large Bowl - Pink
Nori Large Bowl - Pink Sale price$35.95
Onsen of Japan
Onsen of Japan Sale price$37.99
The Monocle Book of Homes
The Monocle Book of Homes Sale price$86.00
Shaman Black Charcoal Soap - Binu BinuShaman Black Charcoal Soap - Binu Binu
HPM038 Tumbler GlossHPM038 Tumbler Gloss
HPM038 Tumbler Gloss Sale price$34.95
Porcelain Incense Burner Black - ElemensePorcelain Incense Burner Black - Elemense
Tuck Scented Candle - CashmereTuck Scented Candle - Cashmere
OFS. Merino Lambswool Throw - White GraphOFS. Merino Lambswool Throw - White Graph
Bodha Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow - EmeraldBodha Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow - Emerald
Robert Herder K5 Kitchen Knife - CarbonRobert Herder K5 Kitchen Knife - Carbon
8oz Hydrating Coconut Milk Bath - Maude8oz Hydrating Coconut Milk Bath - Maude
4 Cup Brewer Stand Set4 Cup Brewer Stand Set
4 Cup Brewer Stand Set Sale price$219.95
HPB029 Bottle BlackHPB029 Bottle Black
HPB029 Bottle Black Sale price$69.95
HPGLM Glass GreyHPGLM Glass Grey
HPGLM Glass Grey Sale price$15.95
Urushi Slim Chopsticks - WhiteUrushi Slim Chopsticks - White
OFS. Merino Lambswool Throw - Grey GraphOFS. Merino Lambswool Throw - Grey Graph
Ura Scented Candle - Pale SiennaUra Scented Candle - Pale Sienna
Stainless Steel Kettle - Sori YanagiStainless Steel Kettle - Sori Yanagi
Ripple Long Glasses Set of 4 - ClearRipple Long Glasses Set of 4 - Clear
Cassia VaseCassia Vase
Cassia Vase Sale price$34.95
AE GI Super Mild Soap - Binu BinuAE GI Super Mild Soap - Binu Binu
Silk Cotton Lounge Socks - Mocha BrownSilk Cotton Lounge Socks - Mocha Brown
8oz Soak No. 1 Bath Salts - Maude8oz Soak No. 1 Bath Salts - Maude
Bergamot Superior Candle - D.S. & Durga
No 1 Earth Scent - BodhaNo 1 Earth Scent - Bodha
No 1 Earth Scent - Bodha Sale price$163.95
Urushi Slim Chopsticks - BlackUrushi Slim Chopsticks - Black
Wool Ribbed Socks - Apple SodaWool Ribbed Socks - Apple Soda
HPM045 Planter GlossHPM045 Planter Gloss
HPM045 Planter Gloss Sale price$86.95
Road Trip Hits - D.S. & DurgaRoad Trip Hits - D.S. & Durga
Urushi Slim Chopsticks - RedUrushi Slim Chopsticks - Red
Ikebana Floral ScissorsIkebana Floral Scissors
Ikebana Floral Scissors Sale price$89.95
Scavenger PotScavenger Pot
Scavenger Pot Sale price$16.95
Ripple Long Glasses Set of 4 - SmokedRipple Long Glasses Set of 4 - Smoked
Tuck Scented Candle - Red BrownTuck Scented Candle - Red Brown
Shibu Uchiwa Paper FanShibu Uchiwa Paper Fan
Shibu Uchiwa Paper Fan Sale price$59.95
Us Card
Us Card Sale price$5.95
Imogen Pot - LargeImogen Pot - Large
Imogen Pot - Large Sale price$49.95
Avia PlanterAvia Planter
Avia Planter Sale price$32.95
The School of Life: Calm
The School of Life: Calm Sale price$22.95
Salamanca - SmallSalamanca - Small
Salamanca - Small Sale price$24.95
No 2 Plants Scent - BodhaNo 2 Plants Scent - Bodha
No 2 Plants Scent - Bodha Sale price$163.95
Paper Moon Lamp 05 - The SpherePaper Moon Lamp 05 - The Sphere
4oz Oil N°0 Unscented - Maude4oz Oil N°0 Unscented - Maude
Sundown BudvaseSundown Budvase
Sundown Budvase Sale price$14.95
Save $30.96 Cashmere Ribbed Socks - Classic RedCashmere Ribbed Socks - Classic Red
Cashmere Ribbed Socks - Classic Red Sale price$59.99 Regular price$90.95
OFS. Cashmere Merino Throw - Alpine SunsetOFS. Cashmere Merino Throw - Alpine Sunset
5 Bar Travel Set with Case - Binu Binu5 Bar Travel Set with Case - Binu Binu