Faribault X Ebbets Field Green Ballcap

Both Faribault Woolen Mills and Ebbets Field Flannels are known for their quality products and exacting standards so it makes perfect sense that they would come together for this small run of limited editon Ballcaps. It's a match made in the USA. 

Wool from Faribault Woolen Mills was sent off to Seattle based Ebbets Fields, a company committed to bringing the quality, beauty and craftsmanship of mid-Century American athletic garments to a 21st Century public.

Together they have created an authentic reproduction of a 1960's era Ballcap with a more relaxed crown, satin taping on the interior and a cotton sweatband.  A leather adjuster with metal clasp allows you to increase or decrease the size. A grey coloured button on the top displays a nice contrast.

These hats were made in a very small run. Therefore a limited supply is available.  


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