Carrière Cedar Candle

Carrière Frères Industrie


  • Carrière Cedar Candle
  • Carrière Cedar Candle
  • Carrière Cedar Candle

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A tree of the Pinaceae family, the cedar first grew in the atlases of North Africa. Light and sturdy, cedar wood is a favourite of carpenters and cabinet-makers. Its natural fragrance makes it a good insect repellent, and the Egyptians used its resin to embalm their dead. In aromatherapy, cedar oil fends off anxiety.

Founded in 1884, by the inquisitive and entrepreneurial minds of two brothers, Carrière Frères Industrie is the keeper of wax craftsmanship from the XVIII century. Fascinated by the Botanic, the brothers strenuously sought out a formula for a purely vegetal wax. The result was a recipe still in use today: free of paraffin and other petrochemical derivates, which does not produce smoke or unpleasant odours, and is easily blended with perfume.

Vegetal Wax 

190 g/6.7 oz 
Combustion 50 hrs

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